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  1. Its going to be mayhem when the retained list comes out
  2. Im sure the days of applauding visiting players has gone now yes in the 60's these days they tend to throw bricks and fireworks at visiting coaches such as Man City tonight Real madrid and the thing is they are allowed to get away with it.
  3. Thinking about violence and disorder, Crewe fall into a different catergory
  4. Bricked the Real madrid coach on it's way Anfield, is there a more horrible bunch of supporters ?
  5. If he wants make a fist of it as a pro Chesterfield could be his last chance saloon
  6. Yeah...... Clarke out, sell the club Carol.........get a grip.
  7. Good piece of business for the club and Manny.
  8. PFA should be doing contracts keep the money in the game, although like a lot of unions the subs raised never seem to get the members and most of the PFA's funds ends up in Gordon Taylors arse pocket if they could sort out the players union they would be better doing the contracts, they would have the players best inerests at heart and they wouldn't upset players into getting a move they didnt really want just to make money for themselves.
  9. Think Smithy has responded well to DC he seems to be back to his best and enjoying playing
  10. If it's not freezing just clear the lines and get on with it
  11. Made some of the Ref's in this division look very poor...Well done duck.
  12. You been on the communion wine ?
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