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  1. Thinking about Popey has he issued a statement thanking the fans for there support over the years?, a mate a Man City fan told me he hadnt heard away support for one player like he got at the Eitihad can't say I've seen anything and any problems he might have had weren't our fault
  2. Let's hope the wind is blowing the right way or else it won't be pleasant at the Stop the Stink Stadium this afternoon
  3. Love how amateurs know more than professionals seems pointless to me getting them UEFA badges just go on OVF simples
  4. Thought it was only me who noticed a few elbows flyin in don't expect kid gloves but you don't want injuries 5 days in
  5. I'm worried about Rampant Zebra has he got back from the vets ?
  6. You are funny......
  7. So let's get this right if we get promoted you will admit your wrong but if we don't you will say I told you so.....You can't lose.... heads I win tails you lose
  8. Why should he report on rumours be accused of making things up if they dont come off
  9. Good old plucky Scotland never mind they did well in their 0-0 win against England
  10. BBC 6 o'clock news obsessed with scotland
  11. Love the new kit very smart
  12. Its scraping the barrell for excuses to knock players who we sign, its pathetic
  13. Are you saying that all footballers should only play for clubs they support ? Jesus wept
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