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  1. Thats obvious if they come off they will be Askey signings if they fail then they will be Pughs
  2. Unlike you to be pessimistic ..............
  3. So every footballer thats released is rubbish ?
  4. 15 million for Conlon eventually, why not sell him now for 7 million then with a sell on clause ?
  5. Defend in their half ....... Genius sheer genius, wonder if Clippity Klopp Ole and Jose have thought of this ....It could be the future.
  6. Supporters have no idea, its all these computer games that give them the false idea that they understand the game, look how stupid Rotherham supporters look now, what did they say about Tom Pope ?
  7. I don't recall him going strong on anyone from stoke over Jones last year, I hope he doesnt think Carol is a soft touch .
  8. Makes me wonder what the previous manager did all day, did Askey have any input in coaching ?
  9. Players have always held the power and it goes on in all clubs all over the world, even Sunday morning Potteries and District, what happened at Stoke with Nathan Jones ? were they busting a gut, although Blakeman wouldnt bring that up would he ? to think it doesnt go on is naive.
  10. Theres always two sides to a story, how do you know if the "Horrid snakes" wernt right.
  11. I thought someone had to go before we can sign anybody.
  12. The thing is we have lost against some really poor sides this season today the application was far better.
  13. I was surprised Pope was overlooked and might show that Pugh is not afraid of making a decision but pleased that Conlon got the gig.
  14. You couldn't make it up you really couldn't.
  15. Hurst is experienced and lost his first two, Holloway before him was experienced and look at the mess he left, Sam Allardyce hasn't actually started well at WBA has he ? Pulis at Sheffield Wed. is another one, experience guarantee's nowt.
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