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  1. 3 very poor performances on the bounce how come Taylor never got a chance? Crosby needs to change it next week this team has had it's chances and they have come up well short
  2. Destabilise and divide the fan base last thing we need
  3. Stand up for Ukraine and against Communism
  4. Not only the Tories Mandelson and Blair hardly turned a blind eye but hey ho Corbyn and Co would have Putin marching up the mall with his tanks
  5. So you think Corbyn would stand up to Putin ...Starmer doesn't think so.
  6. Imagine if Corbyn had won red carpet would be out down the Mall by now
  7. Still got Eurovision though so he's not bothered [emoji53]
  8. Doesn't suit Zebras agenda
  9. I'm surprised at Tranmere lack of respect to visiting club in my opinion
  10. Fair do's it was corbyn and his lefty mates doing the shouting his rent a mob are hardly tories [emoji849]
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