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  1. Earlier you said we were appalling, and now you are saying it's the sign of a decent team to get something and then giving Mansfield credit.... make your mind up
  2. That Wonder of you Facebook page putting the boot in because DC cupped his ear and his comments after the game the bloke has every right to answer back he's the best manager since Adams stop trying to cause trouble we're on the up come for the ride or get off the bus
  3. What do you mean untoward, stop talking rubbish So Garritty deliberately scored an OG Covlan deliberately let a deflection in and the ref deliberately set up their goal ....unbloodybelievable
  4. Somebody said can't remember who bringing in loads of new faces would disrupt team spirit....Trust the pruchess
  5. Zebras world says if we don't finish top it's a failure, 3rd is a failure if don't finish 2nd if we get in in the play offs it's a failure, if we won the play off final it's a failure because we didn't go up automatically, he can't lose with his negative approach, it's pathetic
  6. Shout out to ball boys and gals hadn't got a rush in em when we went 2 up lol
  7. Guessed it would be tough today but think Covolan was a bit soft with 2 of the goals bit of a worry that
  8. Those chips on yer shoulders must be weighing yer down
  9. This won't be easy can see it being frustrating
  10. Not enough hours in the day wait for Andrews to finish asking a question
  11. Love the pod but that went on too long and was damaging to the club he obviously has demons hope he sorts it out I really do
  12. Sure Popey said RS had asked him to do a few games now that would be negative [emoji849]
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