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  1. Mario


    Listening to Boris blustering his way through a very difficult situation, a situation that there isn't a set of instructions to refer to, I cant help wondering how long it will be before the Tory Grandees start meeting in smoky committee rooms in the Palace of Westminster and start plotting his enforced abdication.
  2. Mario


    Bless the Premier League.. "Football is not the same without attending fans and the football economy is unsustainable without them. Last season, Premier League clubs suffered £700m in losses and at present, our national game is losing more than £100m per month. This is starting to have a devastating impact on clubs and their communities." They are beginning to sound like the BBC, paying over inflated salaries and incurring huge losses and expecting someone else to bail them out.
  3. So far as the EFL are concerned he paid the bills and wages on time. That's really all they care about. Exactly, just because he's despised by Vale fans and probably the wider community, thats his problem not the EFL's and the supporters, if he does take on Wigan the EFL will look to see if he can pay his way, if he can prove he can then, in their mind, thats another club saved and off their sick list regardless of performance on the pitch, what division they end up playing in, who the manager is and how he runs the club,where he gets his pies from and how unpopular he is.
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/gary-lineker-bbc-s-top-earner-but-taking-a-pay-cut/ar-BB193FgA?ocid=msedgntp Does Lineker provide best talent and best value ? Admittedly he is taking a 25% cut on his next 5 year contract even so he will still be on an exorbitant salary for what he does. Personally I think all those listed should be cut by at least 25% to provide value for the licence fee payers. The BBC is a typical public sector industry it aint their money so it doesn't matter how it's spent.
  5. Sproson didn't miss an opportunity to have a crack at both full backs guess he must have a few on his books he needs to move on.
  6. How do you know other clubs weren't interested ? You have to trust Askey in his team building.
  7. I've no idea how he'll perform for us, I know it won't be boring, I also know he was leading scorer last season at Carlisle, so it's good we are getting proven lads in, knocking him before he plays because of his socks and hair is just a little silly in my opinion, what's that got to do with the way he plays ? Also saying that you have spoken to him and he doesn't want to play for the Vale is just plain ludicrous, trying to set the supporters against the Lad before he's kicked a ball is unfortunate why would you do that ?, Fortunately the more sensible amongst us will support him and wi
  8. Quote Askey " I thought it was important we bring someone in who is perhaps still developing and take a chance on somebody. That is what we are going to do, although he has played at this level, it’s not too much of a gamble.” Interesting.......
  9. Mario


    Well said,it's obvious it ain't going away it's up to us.
  10. Mario


    Government announces it's reducing number of people who can legally gather in England from 30 to six from Monday.
  11. The chances of bagging a big sale are the equivalent of winning the lottery, when was Crewe's last big sale theirs only go for £300,00- £500,00 and I think its a while they had a significant sell on...Could be wrong but Exeter have really dropped on with that one.
  12. Mario


    I wish it was, the sooner the BBC goes to a subscription service, instead of a compulsory tax the better although it seems that Tim Davie is getting a handle on things.
  13. Nah....Scoring goals, why would you want that ? A football team is a collection of all sorts of personalities, thats what makes the chemistry of a successful side, some lads will be party animals, some will like a bet, some will be quiet family men, on the pitch it's the same mix of characters, it's up to the management of the team to manage those personalities and I'm sure in Askey he will know exactly what he wants.
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