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  1. Agreed.....Tuesday will be hard after the efforts of Saturday the boys covered some ground covering every blade of grass,Plymouth looked knackered at the end , we dont know who's out injured yet and we dont know who might be carrying a knock, I think a draw would be a brilliant result.
  2. I suppose it's human nature, theres a melt on a Vale faceache site, Carl, who says he's a Vale fan but hammers them remorselessly even when we do well,guess what ? I've noticed that when there is a good performance, recognised by everyone, total silence,they seem to get greater pleasure from failure,it's a funny way of looking at life.
  3. Mario

    Brexit again...

    NHS money for a start............
  4. Mario

    Brexit again...

    I can understand that view....BUT what happens if theres another vote and it's leave again ?
  5. Mario

    Brexit again...

    I am coming round more and more to the fact that a leave vote would never have been accepted. "They" never thought that the public would win a majority hence the shenanigans Gina Miller Theresa May et al to stymie the result.
  6. According to Baggers he was on oxygen after the game and has gone to hospital.
  7. Mario

    Brexit again...

    After watching the news all day I'm beginning to think that regardless of any vote to leave the EU it would never have happened, if there had been a majority of 10 million there would have been attempts to over throw the vote and deny the majority.
  8. Mario

    Brexit again...

    Lady Nugee playing a blinder on Question Time..........She says IF Labour win a general election she would go back to the EU try and get a better deal, have a referendum where remain is an option and then she would campaign to remain against her own deal. This is bloody confusing. Not only are Boris and Rees Mogg of their rockers but the opposition have their share of basket cases and Dianne Abbott hasn't even come to the oche yet. Unbelievable.
  9. Said exactly the same thing about Archer young, mobile and a turn of pace.
  10. I thought tonight proved that we have a far better squad than last season,and far more options coming off the bench,one of Askeys problems will be keeping some of the squad happy,when you consider Pope....Bennett.....Cullen.......Archer 3 of those are markably better than last season someone is going to be disappointed.
  11. Mario

    Brexit again...

    Thats no problem my old Granny always used to say "If you dont know ask " As we get to the sharp end I might embarrass myself with more queries !
  12. Mario

    Brexit again...

    Sorry I am only asking because I didn't know or realise. My apologies.
  13. Mario

    Brexit again...

    Serious question.... Why can't we have a trade agreement then ?
  14. Mario

    Brexit again...

    With reference to the hard border with Ireland could someone explain to me how at least 4 EU countries have a soft border with Switzerland yet there is a song and dance about our border with Ireland and what the difference is ? serious question.
  15. Thats good surely....We dont want to get lumbered with players who dont fulfill their promise and it makes those players work to a) get another contract of b) Impress another club.
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