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  1. Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi committed suicide killing his two children in the process, by detonating a suicide vest. Corbyn stated he would have tried to talk to him,pound says he wouldn't have gone within a million miles of him while he was wearing that vest,and if he didn't talk to himself who would he have sent to do his talking for him ?
  2. Abject ? Really? Carlisle never really troubled Brown and in any game the opposition will have the upper hand for a period, where were Carlisle in the first half ? it's how you deal with it and I thought we dealt with it well,going on to win the game. Great team spirit and the crowd was right behind them,more of the same boys and ignore the knockers.
  3. I have to say I'm surprised Comrades have not commented on John Caldwell's views.
  4. Thats McKirdy ex Stoke and Villa hails from Trent Vale and is a first class pr**k. He's the one who nearly started a riot playing for Crewe a few seasons back when he threw a Vale player think it was Hannant over the wall of the Ice Cream stand. Loves the attention, needed kicking over the Railway to give him something to really moan about.
  5. Ive got dippy on my ignore list and thats where the idiot is staying however due to the fact you can see what he's spewing when posters reply to him,and unfortunately Ive picked up on his recent attention seeking comments, remember his attacks on Askey calling him Arthur,not from a friendly point of view but because he thought it was funny to lampoon him,who needs supporters like him,if indeed he is a supporter.
  6. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-7691539/Phones4u-founder-John-Caudwell-hits-Jeremy-Corbyns-plan-war-against-wealthy.html?fbclid=IwAR2WLStPlHRWqTz6MTBao5DCmHvRPyUCI9yj-11mUS_5WJKzJcVUVCt9xWg Thoughts ?
  7. No, just wondering, I personally hope Corbyn gets in, it will be wonderful under a Labour administration,4 day week and the same salary,I haven't worked out how the NHS will operate with nurses and ancillary workers only doing half a week, but they must have worked it out so it should be happy days.
  8. So you think it will be safer under Corbyn & Co ?
  9. Mario

    Brexit again...

    I've heard a few times today one of the reasons for the flooding is due to the lack of dredging that used to be carried out years ago,apparently, due to EU regulations dredging is restricted because it disturbs wild life,can anyone of you experts confirm or deny ?
  10. You really are as puddled as a lot on here say,take a break from you computer and have a look outside it's a lovely day, go for a walk,get some fresh air and most of all get a life.
  11. No need to bring race into this,its about showing respect to the fallen soldiers who fell so you can spout the tripe you do.
  12. I despise the far right as much as I despise the far left,but to not wear a poppy because you perceive it's been hijacked is to put it bluntly pathetic.
  13. Corbyn fails to make the Festival of Remembrance tonight,too busy I suppose supporting Sinn Fein in calling for brave elderly British soldiers to stand trial.
  14. That would be the winter of discontent which led to bodies being stacked up in mortuary's, household rubbish stacked up not getting collected for weeks,I have no real political allegiance,I have voted Labour and Conservative,those Labour administrations led to the Blair years who realised that Labour were unelectable under its previous left leaning manifesto's,I have said before there would be no need for Thatcher or Cameron/May if the socialists could balance the books, and looking at Corbyns spending plans I fear they have not learned anything. There will be whole generations who don't know what it's like living with power cuts at tea time,strikes at the drop of a hat and mortgage rates going up almost daily lets hope and pray it doesn't come to that again.
  15. The similarity between the Sunderland documentary and Stokes situation is remarkable,both rock bottom of the Championship,both got over paid prima donnas,both got highly paid chief executives,both employ a British national manager,lets all pray the outcomes are the same.
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