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  1. I just hope that this very small number of "Fans" don't get to the Shanahans and undermine their confidence and ability to do the job,a job they have done very well so far.
  2. Carol has tonight posted on facebook and twitter a short statement basically saying among other things that she understands the fans feelings,I sincerely hope that she has not felt the need to do so to answer the utter garbage that has come from a small group of melts, who think they know everything to do with running Port Vale when in fact they no nowt about anything. I would copy it on here, but I don't know the protocol of copying someones work from another media source.
  3. I am beginning to despair with so called Vale fans, I get the feeling the vultures are circling around the club, not happy with the marked improvement this season both on and off the pitch, there are some who are moaning about the lack of spending money in this window,moaning that the club will make nothing out of the Robbie Charity concert. Just consider this ...... Last January, we had no hope,no plan and no future, if the Shanahans had not turned up and paid way over the odds the club,you wouldn't have a club to criticise, I should imagine they have a better handle as to what can be spent and what can't,more of an idea than those who (Think) they know,more of an idea about the clubs finances that will allow us to be solvent for the future and don't forget they still have to pay is it 250k a year? to Smurthwaite (Not a small sum to be found ) if Askey had'nt turned our fortunes round and put us in a very outside chance of the play offs they wouldn't have had anything to moan about he's being hammered by some for stabilising the team and giving us a better standard than for years,remind me how many home games did we lose last season ? There is no doubt the vultures are circling and I for one find it disgusting,the Shanahans and Askey deserve and should demand our support.
  4. I would dare wager he's on double anything our midfield are on.
  5. I wonder what kind of money he's on at Swindon ? Shrewsbury couldn't wait to get rid.
  6. Fans /Football supporters are notorious for having short memory syndrome,this time last season we were looking into the abyss,this season we are tenth and we've had a couple of cup games to enjoy. I'm beginning to think we would be better off say in 16th place and then the unreasonable expectations wouldn't surface.
  7. Legend or not he has made himself unavailable for work so I hope he's not paid for not turning up.
  8. Iv'e deleted some of the accounts,but you have to wonder about the British education system when you read some of the comments,one puts up an axe chopping a lump of wood every time we lose, with the name Askey underneath alluding to Askey should get the chop because we have lost, what I found absolutely disgusting and unforgivable was after the Morcambe game the axe appeared with the name Carol underneath, now I have looked for this since and can't find it, so I sincerely hope it's been removed, I know that some of the posters are children and don't understand, but really, what have we come too ?
  9. Do you think you will survive the transfer window ? Money at all clubs at this level (Except Salford ) is tight do Crewe need to sell ?
  10. No sympathy for Pope whatsoever,he had been warned and banned before, in my mind he's disrespecting his employees.
  11. Couldn't tell you the exact minute, but either late on during half time or early second half. I heard him say something along the lines of "A few hundred quid" I forget who was doing the commentary was it Blakeman? he commented that it was a ridiculous situation for the club to get into and it should have been sorted out months ago. Its a funny situation at the Vale, Denis Smith for Stoke wont say a word against them because he's on the pay roll at Stoke as an ambassador or Peter Morse at Crewe who does every game and wont offend the hierarchy in any way shape or form and then we get Ray Williams Phil Sproson and Chris Birchall who seem to have an axe to grind in one way or another against the Port Vale.
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