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  1. Mario


    Could not agree more.
  2. Mario


    With respect, most of your facts are with the benefit of hindsight. I find it incredible that the NHS would send patients back into care homes without testing them, back into an environment where they are already vulnerable, they should at least have given the heads up to the homes so that they could be prepared. It's rather like having your car serviced but you not told that the wheel nuts have not being tightened and the garage wait for you to find out, so either you get killed in an accident or you have to go back to an already busy garage to have them tightened for you.
  3. Mario


    Sage, I'm not trying to have a dig because I agree with some of things you say, to some extent, and this is query, I have heard about patients being sent home WITHOUT being tested before, now, do you think this was a government instruction OR do you think it was the NHS not doing their job responsibly ? because what ever the answer the Care homes were put under a lot of pressure.
  4. Nowt like moaning about a player you don't know and who hasn't signed.
  5. Mario


    Precisely .....
  6. Mario


    Figures going through the roof in the USA, Florida particularly hit bad, in Miami Patients on ventilators up by 119%, ICU patients up 114% and Hospitalisations up 88%.
  7. Mario


    Looking at the images of those morons who thought it was acceptable to party in Soho last night, this is the generation who bleated about their futures being robbed after the EU vote, they dont care about anything, just having a good time, no respect for themselves never mind the population as a whole. In my day 3 pints of Bass on a Friday night and by the time you woke up it was Sunday afternoon, these days this "Party" generation need alcohol, cocaine and an assortment of other recreational enhancements, no wonder they don't care, no wonder they are seen as selfish, gone through their whole lives never being told NO.
  8. I despair at how football has been ruined by global interests, in the so called bad old days clubs were mainly run by a board of directors whose only interest was that there home town club did well, now Sky has come along and in my humble opinion ruined the game. Coates said that the Premier league would improve the national side, well that ended up well. It's all greed by the likes of Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham, stuff the rest of the football league. Personally the sooner they sod off and form a European league the better for the rest of us.
  9. Mario


    Corbyns brother would still have been a target though, along with Dianne Abbott Jess Phillips and the rest of them, can you imagine that lot running the pandemic, they would have relied on exactly same advisors, the general election showed just what the public thought, I am not an apologist for the Tories in any way shape or form, but I along with alot of the population are getting sick and fed up with the criticism, sick and fed up of the career first journalists trying to make a name for themselves asking brain dead questions like " How long will the virus last " type of question. Yes it's easy to criticise Boris and I do, but equally it would have been equally easy to criticise any one else doing the job, remember the Prime minister and the Government of the day are guided by Whitehall.
  10. Mario


    It's rather like saying were footballers better in the 70's, than today ,would Corbyn and Co been any better at dealing with the pandemic ? instead of hammering Cummings we would have been hammering Corbyns brother, would Corbyn have used different scientific advise? Would Corbyn done anything any different would he have got round to do anything ? Its easy to sit on the sidelines and snipe it's a different thing when you hold the reigns, all this bluster is just political hot air. And NO Boris has not come over very well. It's so easy criticise.
  11. Mario


    Disgraceful that Stanley Johnson should think he can get away with such a stunt, and Boris should be called out it.
  12. Mario


    It will be interesting to see, I hope not, although London attracted people from all over who could have taken it back home, the Leicester one seemed to be more local.
  13. Mario


    There was a huge demonstration in Leicester about a fortnight ago a relative has told me, maybe that has had something to do with the spike, she said the streets were rammed with absolutely no social distancing going on at all.
  14. Mario

    Black Lives Matter

    So we agree that the word was stupid and irresponsible, but what about the terms " We're guided by a commitment to dismantle imperialism, capitalism and white supremacy " Is that the correct definition ? I'm beginning to think theres a dark art hiding behind BLM, I sincerely hope not because Black people do deserve a more equal crack of the whip and Marxist rhetoric will lose them lot of support.
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