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  1. Really enjoyed playing for him. Great person with some super team-mates. R.I.P. boss.
  2. Remember losing 1-2 after scoring in 1st min. after they had a man sent off. I think John Woodward scored both their goals. Remember Brian Horton missing a penalty at their place to earn a draw. Tommy Mac. used to call their old ground all sorts of names. Great memories🚾
  3. Sproey banging on about Taylor again. Embarrassing.
  4. I’m not complaining. Just giving my opinion. No sour grapes. Believe me I am well out of it.😎
  5. Having a bad game is one thing. being a poor player is very different. Was I a bad player?😩
  6. You happy? you believing the spin? stooping low with your reply Jean.
  7. Recruitment is shocking! Benning Martin OMG.
  8. No iFollow for me. Anyone else having problems?
  9. This is quite frightening. Who on earth decided to sign these players? (Jones apart). I feel that our wonderful owners are being played. Even at his age John Rudge has to be used as an advisor. DC and Flitcroft are pinching a living. Rant over.
  10. I haven’t cried in a while but today I have lost a dear friend. My thoughts are with his wife and children. RIP dear friend.
  11. I have moved on from Radio Stoke.


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