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  1. John Flowers before. John James and Billy Summerscales were there. I was proud to inherited his training kit No. 6. the following season when I signed.
  2. Very polite Jean. He was an absolute disgrace.
  3. Agents are nothing more than footballers pimps!!!
  4. [quote=Erniemossrules;864959 Same with Hannant gives 100 per cent every game and if he improves could be another Robbie Earle both top of my list to resign. What?????
  5. So true Jean. This was where I played a season with many of their 72 cup winning side. Smith, Marsh, Conroy, Mahoney, Dobing, Eastham, Bernard, Pejic. That was a proper league to bring players on.
  6. Crikey! Lee would have the same problem as me if that happened.
  7. Give me a break.I am a happy go lucky guy but have seen so much that is wrong on and off the field that antidepressants are part of my staple diet.
  8. Who told you that Jean.I must admit with you in goal I wouldn't need them.
  9. I agree and have to say Brown has one of the longest kicks in the football league. On thee 'ed Popey lad
  10. Jean - we must have a chat about this. Sinnott created the whole sceptic environment-with the help of Josebery, his dad, and his Cheltenham scout who was employed to ferry his dad about. Absolute joke. The sad thing was that I was instrumental in bringing him to the club. I still have nightmares.
  11. I've got his in a much bigger way pal.
  12. Stan Meigh sponsored MA. Ironic that MA thought Tom was a donkey when we signed him.
  13. Pops

    Tommy Mac

    I feel very privileged to have shared such intimate times with the legend that is Tommy Mac.
  14. Shared rooms with him at Stafford Rangers. What a guy!!!
  15. I blame Blakeman.:wink:I think you are a **** so there.
  16. How many more Season Tickets been sold I wonder.
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