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  1. I haven’t cried in a while but today I have lost a dear friend. My thoughts are with his wife and children. RIP dear friend.
  2. The turn around is as plain as the nose on your face. Left out Mills Crookes and Taylor. Agents have done us a great disservice.
  3. Rob. I am really surprised that Tideswell has not followed this up. He was a real legend, loved by all those that remembered him.
  4. Played with John for a couple of years and even signed him when I managed Northwich. Great team player and pro. Sad day. RIP John.
  5. Thanks. Did you smile or think that it reminded you of a miserable git.😏
  6. Sorry, but I have left Radio Stoke for good. My time was up and I was fed up being used.
  7. Lol. He stabbed himself with some awful signings and misuse of staff.
  8. Who has the ear of Carol and the players then?
  9. Watched the game and listened to the commentary today. I felt the knives in John’s back. The team won today with the injured players back irrespective of who was the manager. Next week will be interesting.
  10. Adam is being used by Radio Stoke since I have left. He was a convenient replacement.
  11. With my scouting hat on, most of the signings have been poor, bordering on dismal. I exclude Mills who has been the worst player I have seen in a long time.😩😩😩
  12. It still shows we are a long way off good enough at the moment. I see a season of shuffling the pack and hope.
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