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    Born at Haywood Hospital, school at Stanfield (now Haywood) High, Vale are in my blood.


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    Music, football, church, family - not necessarily in that order.


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  1. I posted on Facebook, on our SuperValeAbroad group. The 20th anniversary of Ian White's passing just went by a couple of weeks ago. He will not be forgotten by those of us that were around in the 90s. For many reasons, whilst thinking about my beloved Port Vale, Ian White crossed my mind today. Young fans will not remember him, but he was the most passionate Vale fan of his era. That was the most memorable of all times for most of us older fans, the 1990s, when we got to play at Wembley Stadium - three times - when it was rare for lower league clubs. We rose to glorious heights and had a team, a group of players, we were proud of. None was more proud than Ian White. Yet Ian was an exile. He didn’t walk every day, up Hamil Road. He fired up his aging Vauxhall Cavalier and, on a wing and a prayer, he drove all over the country to many away grounds. The Sheffield Valiants flag was often seen amongst visiting fans. During that time, the early days of the internet, we still relied on very basic communication. We looked forward to the Sentinel reports and the Green ‘Un. Then instant messaging became popular, Yahoo groups, and chat rooms. I recall many a session with Ian and his passion filled the pages of the early forums. Ian White left us on May 15th, 2001, just 20 years ago. He left behind a young son, Henry, who also bears the name Rudgie, and a brother Mark. God rest your soul, Ian.
  2. “Arguments drag out because one is too stubborn to forgive and the other is too proud to apologize.” “Conflict cannot survive without your participation.” – Wayne Dyer
  3. Who votes on the basis of a video, Jacko? Policies still matter. And the record of the candidate. UTV!
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