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    Port Vale Street

    It’s been a while since I’ve been to McKinney, Texas, but it’s about 45 minutes drive to Port Vale Drive. Takes you, appropriately, through Prosper (which we all hope we will, next season).
  2. Just one final word. A late donation made our grand total a little higher. We raised $2020 in 2020. So far. Thanks to all who stepped up. SuperValeAbroad will be continuing with our fundraising. We hope we can soon go back to providing sponsorship to deserving youngsters, with Matchday Experiences and by funding Mascots.
  3. The winner is Andy Venables, a season ticket holder from Leek. That's east of the Trent, so it counts as overseas, right? Thanks to all the home based Vale fans who joined in, and contributed to the SuperValeAbroad Initiative. A grand total of £2,011 was raised. We will be continuing to raise funds for the new season, whenever that is. At that time, we will revert to our previous aim to support the Port Vale Foundation's work, by sponsoring mascots and matchday experiences for the next generation of Vale fans.
  4. Last day!! Help us provide these Activity Packs to kids in hospital. All donations received will go into tomorrow’s VALE PARK draw by Carol Shanahan DONATE NOW!! www.SuperValeAbroad.com/donate
  5. If you make any donation to @SuperValeAbroad between now and the end of June YOU could win a signed @officialpvfc home shirt! Open to ALL FANS. Donations from SVA members have already helped to send out activity packs across Stoke-on-Trent. We want the PVFC Foundation to be able to buy more to distribute. The goal? To reach and engage the next generation of Vale fans. Read more here [emoji117] ow.ly/xm2I50zG3LE DONATE HERE: www.supervaleabroad.com/donate
  6. I am not sure which section this belongs in, but I wanted to just remind you OVFers that SuperValeAbroad is continuing to raise funds to support the work of the Port Vale Foundation. Our goal is to encourage youngsters to become the next generation of Vale fans. During this season we have been sponsoring Mascots and providing Matchday Experiences for kids. With the season long since over and abandoned, we switched our funding to providing Activity Packs for the children of families receiving meals via the Hubb Foundation. We have opened up donations to all fans and we have secured a signed home shirt as a prize for one lucky donor before the end of June. Owt or nowt, your support is appreciated. Donate via PayPal http:// paypal.me/supervaleabroad https://portvalefoundation.co.uk/news/super-vale-abroad-provides-further-support-to-community-initiative/
  7. Although I don’t participate in debates on OVF these days, I just wanted to add my condolences to all those who knew Old Sage. We are all getting older and it is obvious from the number of Valiants who have passed lately, that we won’t last forever. God’s mercy on Mike’s soul and comfort for his family.
  8. Whoever we play, we’ll be up against a Robins team we haven’t beaten away since 2005. It’s #ANewEra so it’s going to be our year. Round 3 here we come. Now I’ll go back to lurking...
  9. David Parton covered Stevie Wonder’s song and had a huge hit. But he also wrote a song which had previously been a hit for Sweet Sensation called ‘Sad Sweet Dreamer’. Saw him and the Cyril Dagworth Players at Strikes in Burslem.
  10. Despite the distance, I’ve got to know Mark quite well in recent years. A better man you could not find, to head the supporters club. He has shown his integrity, perseverance and character, over the last year. Top bloke.
  11. Tone


    Ian Donaldson - CEO Autonet and Carole Nash Ian co-founded Autonet in 1998 in Stoke-On-Trent, and successfully led the business to achieve turnover of one million pounds after just two years. Since then he has grown Autonet to become one of the UK’s largest insurance brokers handling over 1.2 million calls a year and relationships with over 30 leading insurance providers. In 2010, Autonet launched a van price comparison site for moneysupermarket.com and in 2016 he oversaw investment from Highbridge Principal Strategies and Madison Dearborn Partners before becoming part of The Ardonagh Group. In January 2018, Ian was appointed CEO of Carole Nash in addition to his leadership of Autonet. (From the Ardonagh Group website)
  12. I'm happier that our squad is occasionally very good, even though inconsistent, rather than being consistently bad.
  13. Are you Eddie, in disguise?
  14. Such sad news. God bless Gavin, his sisters, and all the family. The love that is shown in the tributes I’ve read so far, are a great testimony to Errol’s life.
  15. There's a difference between a budget for a financial period and cashflow. The chairman was, somewhat clumsily and unadvisedly, referring to cashflow, in my view. You can be on budget and have no cash in your account.
  16. There's the small matter of £10k for a win and £5k for a draw. Winners in Round 2 get £20k.
  17. That is sad to hear. It gives support to the contention that every single player is a human being. We never know what's going on in someone's life. Be considerate.
  18. The attendance on the day will be influenced by several things. Firstly, how many Mackems make the trip. Then, the weather. Last but not least, Vale fans will be persuaded one way or the other by our results in the meantime, starting this weekend. There’s nothing better than a bit of consistency and a few Ws to get fans off their backsides.
  19. I've been thinking along the same lines. Especially as it is on TV, how many extra Vale fans will get off their sofas at 10 quid? I doubt more than 1,000. Whereas 3-4,000 Mackems will probably turn up either way. On the other hand, we need to not be embarrassed by a low turnout of home fans and, if we are to stand any chance, we need fans to get behind the team. It's a tough call. It's interesting to consider the share of gate money (45% to each team)- might add up to 60k each, or half that if the tickets are reduced below 12 pounds. Each club gets 75k TV money. In contrast, Sunderland received a parachute payment of 45 million from the PL for failing in the Championship last season, will get another 34 million this season and 15 million next season.
  20. Social media might appear to be free, but a lot of imagination and creativity goes into using it. Give credit where it’s due. Have you an idea, also, what excellent work is done by the team at the Port Vale Foundation?
  21. You do a disservice to the excellent work being done to promote the club. There’s plenty of imagination and creativity. There’s just a lack of leadership.
  22. Not only that, but he’s a young lad, trying to make a career. In what other work situation would an employee be forbidden to work? That he’s being paid (by someone) until the 6 months is up, is a small matter, compared to the fact that it is impairing his development.
  23. The shocking part of this is that, due to some insane rule (not sure if it is UEFA, FA or EFL) the boy cannot play for us or anyone else until January. How can that be fair or compassionate?
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