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  1. 29 minutes ago, Super Sagi Burton said:

    Do we know when everyone is due to get back to Bolsem? I’m thinking that because the media team are in Spain with everyone else that if any signings have been made in recent days then perhaps they’re holding off announcing until the day/day after everyone is back so the media guys can get interviews, teasers etc sorted. I think I’m right in saying there’s been zero UK based Twitter content since everyone went to Spain, so would suggest no media team currently in stoke. There could already be some done deals to look forward to, we just won’t know until everyone gets back 🙂 (when a flurry of announcements might happen)

    All back on Sunday I believe 

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  2. 12 minutes ago, Iron Curtain said:

    Save your time... seriously. 

    He's allowed to have his vendetta against DC and everything he does. Its his right and it keep him entertained and amused.

    Trying to prove him wrong wont work as nothing ever will... and it just means the many posters who have him blocked have to see his posts.


  3. 7 minutes ago, Rampant Zebra said:

    Hussey comes across as a big time Charlie to me, remains to be seen if he has the game to match his arrogance. Time will tell I guess.

    Absolute tripe seriously.

    And what brings you to that clueless assumption?


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  4. 1 hour ago, Breadwinner said:

    Newport one point behind us now. 

    I'm not sure we have the backbone for a promotion push .

    Losing from winning positions tells me we have a weak mentality .

    Credit to Newport .

    How many defeats that .

    Any more than 10 and no chance of finishing in top 3 .

    To be honest we are probably at best a 7th placed side .

    Obviously we would like them to be better but not to be .

    Prove me wrong Vale 

    I love your optimism.


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  5. 59 minutes ago, Beech said:


    Legge for Smith is an easy call to make for the next game. Would also take out Garrity. He's done well so far, better than expected, but still looks like a bit of a work in progress for me at times.

    So you would bring back Legge (30 minutes played in 10 weeks) for Smith. Priceless you are.

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  6. 3 hours ago, Hitcher said:

    Hurst performed well last season. There was that patch around the time askey got sacked that he genuinely seemed like the only interested player and atleast offered us something. Definitely enough to work with and glad we offered him a contract. Just hope we have a plan for him that gets him enough game time


    You are watching a different player to me. Hurst won’t make a footballer as long as we breathe air.

  7. 16 minutes ago, Dr Delgado said:

    Not sure people understand fully how young players develop. Whilst maybe not bursting onto the scene in a blaze of glory, Hurst has made steady progress, especially in relation to his strength on the ball as earlier in the season he was tending to get out muscled. Clarke obviously has seen something in him to offer him a new contract. I find some of the comments harsh and dismissive and I for one think he may prove one or two doubters wrong. If the shot he had against Mansfield in our last home game of the season had burst the net and not rattled off the bar then I don't think you would be saying he shouldn't be in the squad or he is awful. Young players need to be carefully managed, be given adequate game time and supported then maybe one of these days we might sell one for a few quid.   

    Maybe we will see one in the future but it won’t be Hurst.

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