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  1. Some serious sour grapes on the Swindon forum 🤣🤣
  2. Will Swindon away be available on I Follow?
  3. Absolute tripe seriously. And what brings you to that clueless assumption?
  4. According to the Harrogate website they only have a couple of positive tests AND injuries!
  5. So you would bring back Legge (30 minutes played in 10 weeks) for Smith. Priceless you are.
  6. I wouldn’t put that clown from Tuesday night in charge of a subbutteo match 😱
  7. Having been a scout for over 30 years I know a player when I see one. Your opinion is appreciated but I back my judgement.
  8. You are watching a different player to me. Hurst won’t make a footballer as long as we breathe air.
  9. Maybe we will see one in the future but it won’t be Hurst.
  10. Very harsh and unfair. He was our sole bright spark during that awful run last season No he wasn’t he was awful.
  11. Manager and assistant manager have left the club very strange.
  12. Hanley Town making some great non league signings. Does anyone know who is funding the club and players wages?
  13. With Pickford (the king of weetabix dives) in goal we have no chance of progression. The defence in general are very poor unfortunately. Hope I’m proved wrong.
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