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  1. He scored some nice goals at important times for Vale.
  2. No, they will be in different leagues. Solihull will have been promoted.
  3. Think we've put that one to bed now.
  4. there's never been away goals rule in play offs.
  5. Just a realist really, been down this road too many times with vale. You said it.
  6. 2-1. Well done Vale, we're in with a fighting chance.
  7. Thank goodness for Wilson. Can't believe Salford let him go, shades of McKirdy ?
  8. No, goal difference isn't important now.. Vale need to win both remaining matches which will give us 81pts. Only Mansfield can reach 81 and they will need to make up 8 goals in 2 matches, pretty nigh impossible. If we get a win and a draw, that will give us 79 pts but Bristol Rvrs will get to 80 beating Scunthorpe.
  9. Its as realistic as our opponents for promotion winning all their remaining matches. Be positive !
  10. No, Vale are the best team you've seen this season.
  11. Amazing that we've reached this stage of the season and not one team is guaranteed a place even in the play offs, not even FGR.
  12. If results stay like this, Vale need 3 wins in their last 4 matches, better than 5/5 this morning.
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