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  1. Give it time, it will be just Flitcroft.
  2. They also said Vale hadn't scored more than 4 since 2012. Short memories.
  3. For the rest of the season we have to watch out for Grimsby, Southend and Stevenage results, that's how bad we are.
  4. No worries. We're giving them a 2-0 lead so we can beat them 4-3.
  5. Best ref I ever saw was Mark Clattenburg. He really did make the effort to explain to players and his mannerisms and signals let you know why he'd made a decision. I felt he really considered he was part of the entertainment and wanted to keep the crowd involved in wha twas happening.
  6. Imagine the reaction on this thread if we signed players from Leamington spa and Southport.
  7. Yes, I've always had a great respect for Derek Adams. He left a successful Ross County for Plymouth Argyle, must have had terrific self belief to do that (unless he thought Argyle were in Scotland), very successful at Plymourh until one bad season lost him the job, and now working wonders at Morecambe.
  8. I'm sure she needed the £22k the FA is giving out for the win.
  9. They all need to see Carol and apologise, also forego a weeks wages. Why is Oyeleke on the bench when the midfield is crying out for some creativity in the second half and why is Cullen always on the bench and never used ?
  10. Its time we had a thread for iFollow comments and a different one for the match.
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