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  1. he wont be able to put the club into admin whilst retaining ownership of the ground as that would be illegal.
  2. Total waste of time and breath we all know by now what he is and what he regularly does.
  3. if not it'll be us and notts for the drop .
  4. Give him a chance, we'll soon find out if he's aspins favourite or just another of normans conquests
  5. just had a whiff of penny black.
  6. if Elliot has any sense he'll go as far away from port vale as possible, whats the point of signing him just to warm a seat in the stand.
  7. the clubs infrastructure is desperately in need of a face lift the stands the roof the floodlights the scoreboard the catering the seating are a disgrace the staff couldn't give a **** and I don't blame them, more life in carmountside.
  8. Can't see us getting another point this season Smurthwaite and Aspin are a toxic mix that other players and teams don't want to know about.Managers and players get together and talk to each other and our manager who couldn't find his arse with both hands will find that no one wants to know about us they wont loan us players because he makes some excuse and wont play them, that coupled with the(probably) lowest wage structure in the division Smurfs tighter than a ducks arse so national league here we come.in my honest opinion.
  9. the tosser means that he'll use the hugill money to pay for his holidays and **** the club. as long as his arse pocket is full them he's happy.
  10. I think i've said enough about norman,i'll only be repeating myself and I've already been told off about being a stuck record so i'll let someone else harangue the BBC.
  11. all that loot has gone into normans arse pocket we are one of his many cash cows and as long as he can fill his boots then he will do so,things might alter when we are relegated but I wouldn't bet on it.
  12. we are sinking fast,and we are up **** creek sans paddle couldn't get any worse.
  13. but the club got no benefit norman and family did.
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