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  1. that scenario would save us a fortune in benefits and tax allowancies.
  2. I couldn't care less whether we go back in ,stay out under mays traitorous terms or just leave with no deal.Wont be concerned if that terrorist count corbyn gets in I'm just fed up with the self serving ******** who we the electorate voted in who have ignored the wishes of the electorate and put self before country,a bigger bunch of spineless cretinous tawts couldn't be found anywhere on these shores so **** the self serving ******** I vote for no ****** in the future.
  3. **** brexit tonight's match was far more important.
  4. probably works at a sewage farm as director of turds.
  5. If everyone had an equal share of the countries wealth I'd use mine to open pubs betting shops loan shops and massage parlours so in a year or two all would be back to normal.
  6. someone disturbed your earth hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  7. now whos showing their true colours,corbyns sucker and bum boy.
  8. Nothing wrong with not trusting huns waps spix dagoes frogs and slavs not forgetting quislings of course, remembering the temperance seven THE ENGLISH THE ENGLISH THE ENGLISH ARE BEST I WOULDN'T GIVE TUPPENCE FOR ALL OF THE REST,very true on with the german helmet sorry coal scuttle.
  9. this boring thread is just about played out.
  10. I see wilder has his punch bag sorted.
  11. ive never concerned myself with those who are wealthy or those who are bone idle those who moan about other people and what they've got but haven't the balls to go out and earn a crust or three but those with wealth in telephone numbers do raise an eyebrow sometimes as to what they do with all that brass, brass and class don't arrive together as a package same as the dream of utopia and equality is just that as there are some who will always be more equal than others.
  12. yes I have a pack of gammon steaks and half a dozen oatcakes which I shall devour with great rapidity shortly washed down with a large coffee or two.
  13. Self interest rules ko,sorry pissmonuciation,, at least some of us are making a good living out of the eu,I read that corbyn and the perpetual asslicker starmer are seeing if barnier can get them tickets for the gravy train while it's still running the arch commie perpetual asslicker and the Vichy quisling all in the same building ugh pass the sick bucket.
  14. I remember working on the census many years ago and duruing the day I called on numerous terraced houses but one in particular made me smile, a Pakistani gentleman opened the door and in answer to my question said we have 47 conservative,38 labour 6 liberals and 11 don't knows but I cannot say for those upstairs true I kid you not.
  15. I've heard of acupuncture but pins in strawberries ??? ffs.morning baz.
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