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  1. Hi Rob. Enjoyed Mondays game. Many thanks. Would really like to see away game against Huddersfield in 1998. Great memories.
  2. I see the Eurovision Song Contest has been cancelled so not all bad news.
  3. After reading the Guardians article on Oldham Athletic I thank the Lord that we have our present owners.
  4. The current owners will do for me. Good business folks with the club at heart. If you want to win every week and spend money you haven't got then go and follow a Premiership club.
  5. Haven' we got a handyman who could make some deckchairs with the Sjoke shirts?
  6. At least we didn't have the long drawn out saga that Blackpool fans had to endure although it did seem an age before he finally went.
  7. Promoted today. Another club who have been badly run in the past few years.
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