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  1. His injury record must have been taken into consideration when offering him a new contract. If Bristol Rovers are willing to gamble and pay over the odds then I don't blame him for taking the money. Our management must have another option lined up. UTV
  2. Obviously, he didn't want to stay. Good player despite his injury record. No point paying over the odds and breaking the wage structure. Good luck Gibbo.
  3. Good luck Devante. Never quite worked out for you here at the Vale.
  4. Watched first half then turned off. Borefest.
  5. The one on the left looks like John Parrott the snooker player?
  6. From his comments on instagram I don't think Smudger will be going anywhere.
  7. Objective before a ball was kicked back in August? Play offs or better. Mission accomplished with the bonus we are losing 2-1 at half time in the play off semis with everything to play for. Get behind the lads and the club. VTID
  8. What a moaning sod he is. Grow a pair and get on with it. At the end of the season if you are good enough you get promoted. All teams could plead a case for poor refs, bad luck and dodgy decisions. Glad we have our management. If we don't make it I'm sure we won't hear any sob stories. The table never lies.
  9. That's a pity. I was hoping they might keep him for another season. 😄
  10. It looks as if Bury can start the long road back following the purchase of Gigg Lane by their fans groups. Welcome news to their supporters following the disastrous period o[ ownership. Makes you think. Thank god for the Shannahans.
  11. Don't think he likes Vale much . . . bit like a certain George Courtney a few years ago.
  12. Been to the bookies and included Vale in an accumulator. This sheds a different light on things. Hope DC is informing the players regarding their behaviour with this nightmare of a man. Signed a petition for his removal a couple of years ago on Change.
  13. It's a marathon, not a sprint. We won't win every game. Keep the faith.
  14. I see the Eurovision Song Contest has been cancelled so not all bad news.
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