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  1. jockyboy


    Four Yorkshire men?
  2. Hilarious and scary God Bless America !
  3. To be fair Brazil ,knowing it was injury time in the 1st half,took an absolute age to take a corner Thomas quite rightly blew the whistle just as the corner was being taken Different circumstances when the ball is in play and bobbing around the box
  4. Lets try this hypothetical scenario Take a footballer lets call him 'Tim'. Take a football fan lets call him Stevenage fan Stevenage fan reacts to a comment on Stevenage by 'Tim' He verbally abuses 'Tim' in his rant as well as calling him a fat paedophile and that their centre backs are going to knock hie effing teeth out 'Tim' tweets back ay up sloth havnt seen you since you were in the beenies [obviously deeply hurtful] Stevenage fan contacts the FA stating that his mental health has been deeply affected by this disgraceful slur on his character 'Tim travels to the FA in London Stevenage fan doesnt need to attend to give evidence an e mail or letter will do 'The FA find 'Tim' guilty of something
  5. You may well have hit the nail firmly on the head
  6. Wonder if Rob could you out on loan Ern?
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