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  1. Listening to 5 Live on Sunday they said that the EFL dont allow plastic pitches so it will have to be ripped up and replaced a cost of £500,000 was mentioned
  2. If Pope's of the same mindset as you I think he's going to end up very disappointed. Do you really believe that with his performance levels, goal scoring and assist record, injury record, fitness level and idiocy on social media over the past 2 seasons he can demand parity with his current pay? He'd be well advised if he got any offer of a one or two year contract to take it before its withdrawn You forgot being a fat barstward
  3. Tell philmwhatever that
  4. IThe underlying theme of this and other posts Your strange hatred of everything Pope Thats why you need help Jealousy is not a nice trait
  5. The Coates family paid over £500 million in tax just saying
  6. By the same token we were a tad unlucky not to double our lead Good away performance
  7. Of the 8 clubs mentioned in the report 7 have apologised Guess who havnt ?
  8. You need to have some before you can show some
  9. The term 'legend' is bandied about much too often for players nowadays Yeah That Pope youth
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