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  1. Mark Grew Andy Hill Allen Tankard Neil Aspin Dean Glover Jon Mccarthy Steve Guppy Robin Van Der Laan Ian Bogie Tony Naylor Martin Foyle Really spoilt for choice especially in midfield. I can’t believe I haven’t included Earle, Beckford, Slaven, Walker, Kerr, Ian Taylor, Andy Jones John Jeffers or Gareth Ainsworth. I would struggle to include any players in the last 20 years..........Maybe Bridge-Wilkinson. Matty Carragher, Michael Walsh and Steve Brooker deserve a mention.
  2. Used to love watching Jeffers skin his full back 3 or 4 times before putting a cross in. Fantastic player and a legend. RIP JJ.
  3. You can see the players playing with confidence now........... Askey out!
  4. I have no idea where we will end up finishing. We are in November and the season finishes in May. Why is it that we have to finish in the top 7? We haven’t finished in a playoff spot for over a decade. What is wrong with building a team gradually and winning promotion. I am not being negative just a realist. There are 24 teams all wanting the same thing. We are not entitled to anything.
  5. What has how Askey talks to the press after a game got to do with how he motivates his players? Unless you know a player or a source to say otherwise you don’t know that the players are not motivated by him. They were pretty motivated this afternoon and but for some schoolboy defending we would have either won or got a draw. The players are making errors but they are certainly not unmotivated. Not from the game I watched this afternoon.
  6. Absolutely spot on. Completely agree. A lot of fans are this forum are too impatient.
  7. Askey’s signings poor? As is the case at any club or for any manager some signings work out and some don’t. On the whole during Askey’s reign I would say his recruitment has been pretty good........ Brown, Amoo, Burgess, Clark, Taylor, Browne. I would agree that some signings like Lloyd were underwhelming, but to carry on with ‘my cliches’ how many signings have Fergie and Wenger made that didn’t work out.
  8. Cliches? I am looking back at what has happened in our club’s history and also comparing what has happened at other clubs. At least bring an argument or point of discussion instead of dismissing an opinion as a ‘bingo card’. The question is why are people so impatient. It isn’t for me to win over the fan base. I am merely voicing my opinion.That is Askey’s problem. I am relying on what has happened at other clubs who have gone on to be successful.
  9. I really hope for the sake of the club that Carol isn’t influenced by some of the posts in this forum. It is quite frankly astonishing to read the amount of negative and emotional posts wanting a knee jerk reaction. Some posters resemble headless chickens panicking. It is true we aren’t playing well and performances and results have been disappointing but to call for the manager to be sacked is nothing short of ridiculous and short sighted. I think Askey has to take responsibility but so do a lot of the players. Key players have made individual errors as well whic
  10. Why is it now fans demand instant and constant success. This isn’t negativity it is just realism. We are not going to be successful every single season. It certainly wasn’t the case even in our greatest era under Rudge. I hope we don’t continue to be one of these clubs that has short term vision and never gives a manager time after a blip. How many seasons did it take Klopp to achieve success at Liverpool? How many seasons did it take Ainsworth at Wycombe? I m not saying that if we give Askey time we will definitely 100% be successful but we need to give someone a decent ru
  11. Wycombe Wanderers is a prime example of how stability can bring about success. How many seasons has Gareth Ainsworth been given to build a team.
  12. Yeh I agree but I would argue the team Ribiero inherited (which he got rid of) and his starting point was better than the team Askey inherited.
  13. We started well but under Ribiero we plummeted down the league and never recovered.
  14. You are dead right I said it. How many seasons did Klopp get at Liverpool to get it right and turn the team into a league winning team. It can take a while to build a decent promotion winning or league winning team. Chopping and changing the manager hasn’t exactly worked out for us recently and all I am saying is that we need some stability and to give the manager time. If that means a mid table finish this season then so be it. I am not being negative just realistic.
  15. I m not talking Port Vale down and neither am I saying we don’t deserve success. Please don’t think that I am being negative. I just want to be realistic and put our current position in perspective. From the shambles of being run by Smurthwaite and us going from one bad manager to another I just want some stability for once. So yes a mid table finish and some consolidation from constantly sliding down the football league for me is not a poor season based on what had happened since Page left. In the last decade we have been in more relegation scraps than promotion hunting campaigns. We ha
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