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  1. I think the unused part of the Lorne street is destined to be the family stand with adjoining children's area. Which when you think about it, makes sense to make the Hamil the home end. You wouldn't want away fans right next to a family area. Maybe they could make the Bycars the new family stand?
  2. Apologies if this has been suggested before……..but can’t we finish the concourse in the Lorne street and allocate that part of the stand to away supporters. Then we can have both the Hamil and Bycars ends.
  3. 88/89 season Vale 2- 1 Bolton Wanderers. Albeit I probably remember my second ever game more as we were 3-0 up against Aldershot and the match was abandoned due to fog.
  4. Rodney deserves a song. I didn’t watch the game yesterday but it was clear from the highlights that he was instrumental in both goals. A fully fit and confident Devante Rodney is going to be key for us doing anything this season. ……….Rodney’s on fire, your defence is terrified.
  5. I wonder what it’s like to be Walsall, I wonder what it’s like to be small. You sign Zak Mills we sign Dazzler Clarke, Dazzler Clarke, Dazzler Clarke.
  6. For Lewis Cass and to the chorus of George Ezra’s cassy o. cassy ooooooooooo….. cassy oooooooooo…. please don’t leave Cassy oooooooo…… cassy ooooooooo…… please don’t leave and so on. Catchy tune as well.
  7. We definitely need some new catchy songs about our players. Gone are the days unfortunately where most of team would have a song about them. The only players recently that have had a song for them is Pope and Marc Richards and how long ago did Marc Richards leave. Tom Conlon definitely deserves one as does James Wilson. The Arsenal song for saka and smith Rowe to the status quo is really good!
  8. Agreed! It’s about time we came up with some new songs about our new players.
  9. Yeh I get that. The signings Clarke and Flitcroft are extremely promising and I am looking forward to seeing them play. But I m not debating whether Clarke and Flitcroft are signing better players than Askey and whether I think they will be more successful. I wish them every success and want us to get promoted as much as anybody. Albeit people seem to only remember the bad run for Askey and forget how we nearly made the playoffs the season before and the same players went on an unbeaten run under Clarke. I am pointing out that no matter what the structure of the management is or what the process is of how we sign players surely Clarke and Flitcroft should be measured on results just like Askey. We can’t have one rule for one and another rule for a different management regime because they are new and talk the talk. I am not saying we don’t need a new long term plan/project either. It’s what this club has been crying out for a long time. I do hope that Clarke and Flitcroft are given time and supporters don’t press the panic button as soon as we go on a bad run because we will. That’s inevitable in football.
  10. What if Clarke and Flitcroft have a similar record to Askey or any of our previous managers? Why should they be treated differently? Just because you like the signings they have made more? It should go on results surely?
  11. You know what i think some of your posts are really good but if you actually stopped being condescending to other posters you would have far greater credibility. If hypothetically speaking Clarke and Flitcroft after a few seasons have a similar record to Askey and go on a bad run will you be panicking again like you did last season or will you all in for a long term project? i m not arguing for or against Askey to be manager. Clarke and Flitcroft are at the helm now. I m just bemused how Flitcroft and Clarke have almost got free reign for you whether they do well or badly according to your last posts. If results are similar or the same as to how Askey or any of our previous managers have done why are you saying you aren’t going to question it and let it go? I hope Flitcroft and Clarke do succeed like any manager. Any management team though however they are structured should be treated equally , fairly and should both be scrutinised the same? it’s not a simplified gotcha, I m just pointing out you can’t have it both ways.
  12. Agree that Clarke should be given time but weren’t you pressing the panic button after Askey went on a bad run. if we go on a bad run in the next couple of seasons similar to Askey why are you now advocating that Clarke should be treated differently? I am all for a long term project and sticking with a manager because chopping and changing managers simply hasn’t worked for us, for god knows how long. Hopefully Clarke will be a roaring success and the players he has signed will be an improvement.
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