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  1. 11 minutes ago, onestepatatime said:

    ? Where did you get that from Jean?  I rang Club this morning and told them I had 60 plus mile round trip so didn't want to go to the club on wasted effort. They promised to ring me back and said I could then pay over the phone.  I want a ticket. I'm a season ticket holder and attend many away games so I'm desperate for this game , which is only 15 minute drive from my home. 

    Just phone up and get them to post you the tickets. Thats what I did on Friday.

  2. Youve heard different from me then Karl. I was told he’s not trained with the first team and continues with the youth team. Not really in the managers plans if that’s the case. We shall see but I doubt he will be in the squad next season.


    Then again he may want to give him a chance In pre season.


    I thought he was om loan at Leek? Why would he be training with the Vale squad? Arent they all on holiday now anyway that the season has finished so wont be training at all.

  3. Archer I think should play. He'd get into every other team in the world. But so late in the day it is a bit frustrating for whoever misses out but isn't that sport? No room for sentiment.


    I wonder if he's capable of stepping up in a 5 day game. At least we are using the Dukes ball again so Jimmy will be happy.

    I'm just not sure about our top order for the Ashes. Far from settled (a bit of a mess to be frank)and the Aussies will have Smith and Warner back which will make a huge difference to them. Whether or not they can cope with a moving ball is another question.


    Should be a great summer. You are right.


    I think if he has a good world cup they should throw him straigh in for the Ashes.


    We could do with an impact player that the AUssies dont know about and will take the fight to them. A bit of a gamble a bit like Pietersen in 2005

  4. I once saw Oliver outside the New Den before the game.


    His trousers were half mast, his hair looked like it hadn’t seen a comb in weeks, his jacket was something akin to Norman Wisdom’s and he was finding it difficult to remain upright.


    And he was representing Vale as a visiting director.




    I remeber him in the way end at Burton trying to get my brother and myself to buy shares into V2001 whilsts slurping from his hip flask.

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  5. I'm wondering what the true purpose of this thread is.


    Is it to remind us of just how bad things have been? Or is it to warn Carol and Kevin off dealing with any of the above?


    If the latter, I'm sure they have minds of their own and can exercise good judgement on how to deal with them should they reemerge.


    Now we can see the light, its really just to remind us of how bad things have been.


    I first supported the Vale the last couple years of the Bell era, so all i have ever known is the Vale circus over the last couple of decades. I might even miss the hilarity of it all in one way!

  6. Totally agree with that! He won't let the fans celebrate his departure, at Vale Park! And on that single sentiment, I can't blame him. Name one person, who would like to see their departure turned into a party, if they have control over it, no matter what the relationship is.

    So hopefully we'll get an announcement before the Bury game (well there would have to be one, either way it's going), so hopefully we can celebrate at Bury!


    Celebrate like this? ....




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