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  1. Is there a particular pub we are all going before the game?
  2. Just phone up and get them to post you the tickets. Thats what I did on Friday.
  3. Surely those sat in blocks J to P should only be paying £1???
  4. Danny Glover is Player/Caretaker Manager at Hednesford town. Future Vale manager? Lol
  5. The Man City Tickets website is showing the game as 15:01 on 4th January 2020
  6. I thought he was om loan at Leek? Why would he be training with the Vale squad? Arent they all on holiday now anyway that the season has finished so wont be training at all.
  7. Exactly. More evidence that Askey got that one right. Although certain posters on here would tell you otherwise.
  8. I think if he has a good world cup they should throw him straigh in for the Ashes. We could do with an impact player that the AUssies dont know about and will take the fight to them. A bit of a gamble a bit like Pietersen in 2005
  9. Dior Angus has signed for Barrow along with Scott Quigley
  10. I remeber him in the way end at Burton trying to get my brother and myself to buy shares into V2001 whilsts slurping from his hip flask.
  11. I dont think they ever did get on the board or have any intention of joining (unless they are good liars) i think it was a Miller/Deaking far fetched spin.
  12. Now we can see the light, its really just to remind us of how bad things have been. I first supported the Vale the last couple years of the Bell era, so all i have ever known is the Vale circus over the last couple of decades. I might even miss the hilarity of it all in one way!
  13. I know, im being too polite.....
  14. Lets hope our new owners stick around for years to come so we dont end up with anymore of the below: Im finding it hard to decide which one was the worse!
  15. Apparently only two parties are left interested inpurchasing Notts County after Smurthwaite has been put off by the £5Million asking price.
  16. I have been reading lots of threads that have reference to "Sexman". Reading between the lines it sounds like Smurthwaite? Why is he called sexman or have i got the wrong person? Whats the story behind it?
  17. Get Steve Evans in. He might be a right fucktard of a bloke, but we need someone who can ignite some fire and passion into these players. I dont see Askey as being that kind of Manager. We dont need another run of the mill boring sort of manager.
  18. Which of these two options would you choose:
  19. Not expecting you to acheive anything here or save Vale from relegation, but welcome none the less. Lets hope you at least have a bit of a cult following as per "Reggie"
  20. Apparently we are due to sign him. Anyone know of him? Plays abroad.
  21. anyone know anything about Danny Elliot who we are signing?
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