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  1. I’m not a doctor so I wouldn’t like to advise but in my humble opinion health is wealth so it could be a good idea
  2. I thought that when Ernie wrote it, he must have evidence otherwise he’s very much at risk of defamation.
  3. Whilst financial mis-management is rightly punishable by points deduction he’s right in essence that the abuse of children in their care and then fighting against supporting the victims they failed is far worse, what would be an acceptable punishment mate? Points deductions and even expulsion from the league simply doesn’t seem enough. Surely disbanding the club and expelling anyone involved from being involved in football at any level in the future would be the only way to go. I’m amazed charged haven’t yet been brought against Gradi and the chairman.
  4. Well Ernie has accused him openly of being a money launderer, don’t know where he got that info from?
  5. Cambridge dictionary definition - https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/dictionary.cambridge.org/amp/english/businessman
  6. Whoever takes over definitely need to sweep clean mate, starting from the CEO through to Arthur and the players.
  7. No he’s a businessman pure and simple, he might have loved the prestige of ownership and the joy around promotion but that’s an ego thing, we’d all enjoy that to some degree. Emotional owners in football don’t work, they are a recipe for disaster.
  8. He’s far better putting professional written statements out by the official site as I’ve always said, he’s not great verbally.
  9. Spot on because he’s never going to realistically liquidate, all he was trying to do was get some emotional support (fail) and gather interest from potential buyers (achieved). He’s given them a fake deadline and is now using the Asian’s whether they exist or not to bump up the price. We’ve all tried to bump up the worth of something in the past whether selling a house, negotiating a salary or indeed selling something on gumtree. He needs the local press to communicate these tricks to get the highest price possible.
  10. As long as the protests at Synectics are peaceful that’s your right. Does anyone really think Smurf, yes even Smurf is daft enough to put a currently solvent business into admin rather than sell it when there are clearly a variety of potential buyers interested according to the CEO? It’s amazing some don’t believe a word that Smurf says but they choose to believe his emotional rant at the weekend.
  11. It simply doesn’t happen long term Dave, there is an odd short term exception but even one of those in Accy Stanley are pointing out its only going to get worse as the gigantic gap grows sadly in lower league football. It’s a travesty as the rich get richer the EFL encourage the slow death of lower league football with the disgusting sham that is the Checkatrade, their abysmal testing for potential owners, the sham that is the youth pilfering in academies etc whilst happily watching clubs overspend to chase the promised land. Eventually the lower leagues will have to regionalise unless something happens and teams will probably end up going part time or bust chasing unrealistic dreams.
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