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  1. Moving the goalposts on percentages that count is crazy, the majority should always be respected and their will actioned in a democracy. Saying it needs to be 60% threshold or any other figure as opposed to 50.1% of the vote is unfathomable and we might as well become a dictatorship. If people choose not to use their right to vote that is their loss. Shabby was my word for the way the leavers have been treated and that’s coming from a remainer.
  2. She wants to remain, let’s be honest, I know that would be a novel concept for an MP!
  3. Can’t argue with that, Australia have the the best voting system which insists on people voting so everyone has their say. Way too late 3 years later.
  4. See we could be worse off! It’s like thinking your life is over and then watching an episode of Jeremy Kyle and realising your life is actually pretty phenomenal after all. Thanks for that FUA 😉
  5. So a democracy is only a democracy when it suits? I voted remain but the way those that voted to leave is more than shabby.
  6. To be clear I wanted to remain as my business interests dramatically favour such a view but the deal May initially put on the table was ridiculous. So no they nor the Labour MP’s weren’t traitors then as they wanted better for the country. Anyone that voted against no deal is clearly a traitor to the will of the people, if they were blue they were traitors and if they were red they were traitors. This isn’t about the colour of your team, this is about the greater good and fulfilling the wishes of the majority. I’d have preferred the vote never happened back in 2016 to be honest and b
  7. It’s not about them voting against their leaders whether they are blue or red or even pink, it’s about them voting against the will of the people.
  8. No it’s all party’s faults as they have failed to address and progress the will of the people putting personal gain first in most cases. Nowhere have I said this is Labour’s fault solely. My question regarding Labour is how many people in SOT will vote for them when their MP’s have contributed in the main to vetoing the will of the people locally.
  9. True and that’s an absolute disgrace, they won’t accept any culpability for it either, they will continually jostle for the comfort of their own position. I wonder particularly around SOT how many people will vote Labour at the next election?
  10. They never wished for us to leave in the first place, there is a rumour from an MEP staying they are considering a FOUR YEAR extension 🙄
  11. Absolutely abysmal mate, I remember my grandfather saying the country is only as strong as it’s opposition party, it’s why Blair and Brown got away with so much from 97 and why May is leading the country into oblivion. They are basically going against the will of the people and virtually all of them are putting their own political interests first rather than the nations interests. I was a remainer and even I think it stinks to high heaven.
  12. I wouldn’t be so certain as that depends on the EU allowing us an extension. Soft Brexit and a people’s vote as the only options render the last 2+ years as a complete and utter waste of time, how much has this cost the UK in that time?
  13. Of course it won’t because there is way too much self interest from party members rather than the national interest.
  14. I’d go so far as to say all remainer MP’s and a weak PM and a ridiculous leader of the opposition who is only fit for the funny farm.
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