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  1. He achieved nothing. Are we going to pretend that your only issue with Mays deal was the Irish backstop now?
  2. Would this be classed as anti-semitism?
  3. https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/uk/2019/10/uk-set-give-best-deal-any-eu-member-state-has-ever-had
  4. So they voted in ignorance then. Either or.
  5. Oh my that’s actually real. The a list of times you have to do that with trump. This is what stupid people think is an intelligent deal maker, a weak mans strong man. The president of the untied states of America.
  6. Which was his job. What did he achieve in those two years. If people voted for some dream scenario they made up in their head, then is it parliaments fault for not delivering it? Voting has consequences. In this cases the consequence is a mess.
  7. You’re just resorting to lying now. I have said three times that if Biden committee a crime then he should be arrested. It’s you who has refused to acknowledge the trumps have committed far far worse (that would make you ‘sick’ wouldn’t it). I’ve provided sources too which you have again failed to do. You’re lying and a hypocrite now. And if you believe trump is draining the swamp of nepotism, then I honestly have no answer. Honestly, is this a wind up. You do realise he has given government jobs to his kids and son in law which they aren’t qualified for. And they have benefited from them financially (I provided sources again by the way). The mind boggles at the mental gymnastics. Projection after projection, and again no substance. All you say is ‘you know nothing’ while giving nothing to back yourself up, lying and projecting. Im not disputing the ethics in government act, I’m asking for a source of how Biden has broken it. I’ve searched and the only person I can find going there is you. I did find a few like this though: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/01/trump-conflicts-of-interest-business-organization/512861/ and bill Barr at the justice department is the republican fixer dating back to Iran contra. He has been travelling around the world looking for dirt himself. Completely something a non corrupt Attorney general should be doing. ‘But do us a favour though’... And he has been impeached. Getting stranger here. Impeachment needs to be focussed, as the crimes and corruption of trumps administration will be coming out for years to come. What we know is enough, and it’s probably just the tip of the iceberg.
  8. Yes, and what people wanted didn’t always marry up with reality.
  9. Pointing out that two people just admitted it.
  10. I’m just pointing out that two here have admitted they didn’t know what they voted for, and there are many more in the same boat. Even the leave campaign hadn’t thought it through, so I’d argue the vast majority of voters hadn’t either.
  11. And what did he achieve in 2 years of negotiations?
  12. As much as I think boris is daft I have no doubt trump just lied. It’s what he does.
  13. Well that’s two of you who have finally admitted to not knowing what you voted for despite being outraged at people for suggesting it for the last two years. And no, remainers didn’t know the complexities either, that’s literally my point. However, we knew exactly what we were voting for.
  14. What an utter utter piece of crap. Their sons is killed and he tries a reality tv ambush in front of the media. Is there no one left in the white glide who isn’t a sociopathic idiot. https://www.thedailybeast.com/anne-sacoolas-grieving-parents-ambushed-by-trump-who-was-hiding-spy-wife-at-the-white-house
  15. But you can’t be upset if the result isn’t what you wanted if you didn’t have any idea what you were voting for. I voted remain at the time for exactly this reason. It would be madness to make such a huge decision based on ignorance when the country was not in a poor situation. And they did so what you wanted. A deal was agreed, and people weren’t happy with it.
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