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  1. I understand why people don’t want Sinclair as manager completely. I don’t understand where this complete hatred for him has come from. It’s a bit odd.
  2. At least it may mean we may spread our net wider in looking for a new manager.
  3. I suppose the point is, they have a club ethos. And so they don’t have to change it every time they appoint a new manager. The manager fits with the clubs plan. The one thing I felt the smurf regime got right early doors was the development squad. I wonder how we would be if we’d kept that going, especially in the current climate.
  4. Have I missed something. Has something happened with legge this week?
  5. I honestly think he could be a fantastic manager/coach, it’s the man management that it’s his problem and in football that’s huge part of the job. You can’t implement your ideas if you can’t communicate them with the players. I genuinely wonder if there is a mental health issue with him.
  6. Found the definition of ‘close contacts’: * A person living in the same household as a COVID-19 case • A person having had direct physical contact with a COVID-19 case (e.g. shaking hands) • A person having unprotected direct contact with infectious secretions of a COVID-19 case (e.g. being coughed on, touching used paper tissues with a bare hand) • A person having had face-to-face contact with a COVID-19 case within 2 metres [2] and > 15 minutes • A person who was in a closed environment (e.g. classroom, meeting room, hospital waiting room, etc.) with a COVID-19 case for 1
  7. No, it’s quite specific who needs to self isolate. It’s within 2 metres for about 15 mins, or less than one meter for any amount of time.
  8. Hope Taylor is pushing into a number 10 position. Where is worrall and monty?
  9. Your man trump tells terrorists he ‘loves them’, but at least they didn’t peacefully kneel down. That would have been a step too far.
  10. In terms of outlay against the income.
  11. I was really excited when we went down that path and gutted we ended it so soon. I’m pretty sure it paid for itself with just hugill and if enoch hadn’t been injured we would have made more.
  12. Been saying for a while, the club should have an idea of what type of club they want to be, what is the owners vision, and employ within that framework. Then if someone leaves there is a fluid transition. You don’t have to rebuild every couple of years. Crewe are an example. If you manage them you work within the clubs philosophy.
  13. I’d rather Pugh until the end of the season as opposed to rushing and getting our third choice or whatever on a 3 year contract.
  14. It’s one person rather than a thread.
  15. That was pleasing. We had a plan b before the 85th minute.
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