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  1. There we go on YouTube again. Surely all these distinguished scientists should have a whole body of peer reviewed articles that you could be citing. But every time it’s YouTube whether with this or climate change. why would I write about co2 being the control knob. That’s something you keep going on about. How about you look at scientists and not YouTube conspiracies.
  2. I don’t know why they aren’t just more honest. Instead of making. More and more ridiculous attempts to pretend something didn’t halogen, just admit that they don’t care what he did. Remember the same people who support trump also became enraged because Obama wore a tan suit, ate mustard, and wore a bicycle helmet.
  3. Lol it took a week to make this one look daft. http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/12/devin-nunes-busted-house-intelligence-phone-records-ukraine-impeachment.html
  4. How can they ‘fund’ a bottomless pit and add a large profit margin?
  5. If you can follow the hearings and countless testimonies against trump, see the ignored subpoenas and obstruction, and come out thinking ‘well, that shows trumps is clearly whiter than white’ then there is literally nothing that’s going to convince you I expect. even your republican favourite Ken Starr said “the president in fact committed the crime of bribery.” Look forward to him being a psychotic Marxist too lol. as for that, what evidence would be required? Are you still pretending you didn’t like Obama because he was ‘divisive’? lots to break down here in such a small paragraph, but it shows a skilled amount of mental gymnastics. ”look at the idiots he’s running against” - do you want to compare notes in idiotic things they and trump have done? Would be a giggle at least. You won’t though. ”creepy joe” - you support a man who slept with a porn star while his wife was at home with a new born child, ‘grab em by the pussy’, a man who sexualised his own daughter and has been implicated in about 30 sexual assault claims. ”the liar” - this is the best one. Are you saying lying is a bad thing, and you shouldn’t vote for someone who lies? I expect that means the more lies the worse the person is. Tell you what, for every lie you can quote of warrens, I’ll give you 100 from trump. Again, you won’t though. suppose you also prefer a president who uses the position to make money himself. I expect you’ll just disappear for another month or two before popping back up to argue against reality again.
  6. He also said he didn’t know Prince Andrew.
  7. I think people are missing the point by thinking the Americans want to ‘buy’ into the nhs. They want to increase what we pay for drugs. They tried the same thing with New Zealand recently.
  8. No it’s not incorrect. You just gave a localised anecdote.
  9. A number seem to be questioning O’Neill already, as he’s dropped their two best players for some reason, and making some strange team selections. They need to do something in the January window, and have a manager who has never actually been in that position.
  10. The article literally state ‘consumed’, not ‘spent’, again, all you had to do was read it, but you anecdote obviously makes it meaningless.
  11. It doesn’t suggest anything if the sort, only what you’re now trying to twist to make gods know what point. If you’re talking about the link I provided, all you had to do was read it before you argued against for the sake of it. ”It is clear that the richest countries eat a lot of meat, and those on low incomes eat little.”
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