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  1. the as yet unavailable blcoks are totally blank, gey have sold, blue available
  2. with the rate of take up, more blocks will be opened later today I'd expect
  3. tickets sold so far by this morning. I've logged back on for this info.
  4. Question On a day when Swindon take all the points from Bradford with a 96th minute penalty, The Vale have yet to be awarded a spot kick in 33 league games this season. Will we go an entire season without a single Penno, and has it ever happened before in the modern game? I'm depressed tonight. Can you tell?
  5. Maybe I'm miss remembering then. I do remember the headline. of course, it had to be printed at some point with additions put on the back in the stop press. Maybe someone knows exactly when The Green 'un came into being?? I've got a number saved from the 'Glory Days'.
  6. regular Satdee afternoon that one. 6th November 1982
  7. gate was 2,220. as usual, half them were Vale.
  8. main keeper was Crawford - I think Chris Pearce was second keeper but not sure who was in goal that day. Just checked the records and Pearce played 36 league games that year so it must have been him in goal I reckon. Crawford played many more games the season before.
  9. The Evening Sentinel that day had the headline "heavy defeat for Vale". Then on the back in the stop press it gave the final score. No 'Green 'un' in them days, no instant anything. BTW, them days there were always lads out side lobbing bricks in the the away fans
  10. Probably quite a few returned after the postponment. I've got more tickets in my wallet than the average tout still.
  11. essential we win tomorrow. A run of four winnable games if we're back on form. I feel we need them all to get back in the mix and to provide that bomb proof momentum we had prior to Xmas. we were majestic in dire conditions at Bristol then ran out of luck having no forwards again in the next game at Newport. the postponments followed by comings and going in January have really disrupted us but we coming out the other side of that. I want to be heading to Harrogate on 01/03 on the back of two wins, bash them and complete the rout at Colchester. let's make it our year and have a promoted already party in Devon. AS we saw at Carlisle, the pressure seems to be off us playing away and the home team coming out to try to win gives us the edge.
  12. first rule of football managing - never buy a defender from Crwho
  13. Thanks for the clarification. tickets had been on sale for a long time before the game but they should have thought about the consequences of the likelihood of annoying a 'regular' by seemingy going back on what they put out. Having said that, if they'd have had that policy for a big away game, then none ST holders would have burned the place down waiting for us ST holders to stand back. Maybe found themselves with a few hundred ST seats un claimed, they must have thought ' bugger it'.
  14. Sorry but the Club did put out inf that any unclaimed ST seats would be on general sale from the monday before the game mate. I agree that the Paddock is not fit to allow a good crowd in within a propr timescale. My old bug bear is how you can't get to the bogs because there's a mass blockage of people trying to use the food outlet. that's been going on forever! Not beyond the wit of a successful tech company to put in modern turnstiles with no attendant and auto scanners like at e.g. Rotherham. That one seemingly permanently shut stile at the Railway Paddock should be a prime candidate for such a conversion. And for good measure it will be wider to allow for the fact that the population is no longer in a post war, food austerity situation like it was when the ground was built. That would end the walk of shame for some people to need to be let in at the big gate after getting their ticket scanned. And before you think me unkind, I have done just that myself, especially with three layers and the big coat on!
  15. RE: PPG - If the season ended this morning Vale would go up. Vale's PPG is 1.666 and Swindon's is 1.65
  16. I'd like to keep my match ticket in my pocket for tonight. We're leaving home at 3PM. A nice waterlogged pitch with an early call would be my preferred result today. And as mentioned, an obvious breather for our depleted squad. In the meantime, I'm hoping for my Mow Cop roof to stay in place!
  17. I've just read most of this thread. It always comes down to money and if that money gets spent, there's no saying that the new people will stay if success on the pitch takes a stumble. It's all a balancing act for the owners. Yes i think a dedicated family area is the main priority. Taking your little 'un is going to get tedius if you can't get to the teabar / toilets within time and when you get to the front, the pies are all gone etc, etc. Paddock facilities have always been a joke and everyone crawling past the poor buggers on the front row all game spoils the experience for them and their kids. Not least trying to get to the inadequate toilets which means fighting your way through the queues for food. WTAF do the stewards there do every game?? Not making a wat through or owt. They open the big gates for the smokers (fair play) but how much organisation would it take to have a burger van out there, wheeled in on kickoff and ready to bang them out at half time??. Then move it away during the 2nd half? Someone mentioned cheaper entry to the Bycars. You can't do that without making the other end behind the goal the same price - thats the rules. The old family stand has the majority of the seating out in the rain. That's a total none starter for me, and probably not big enough if we aim to progress. Cheapest option by far is to maybe dedicate a section of the Bycars roped off front to back. Take out some seats at the back and put proper catering in, or even, if there's room, biuld the catering behind the back wall and knock a few hatches through. The obvious is to finish the Lorne street but there's that money thing again!
  18. It's nice to know you're here OUTOFPLACEBOOKS.BIGCARTEL.COM I've ordered mine today. Released end of this month. What d'you think?
  19. The following Week we were at Brentford. 06/09/86 it was. Arnold was back fit but got clattered and had to go off. Jones again stepped in for his second consecutive period in goal. we held out to win 2-0. Maguire and Smith with the goals. Richard O'kelly I think it was came on as sub to take over from Jones up front.
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