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    missed 6 home games since Brentford home game September 1972 (1-0 Williams). done 81 grounds with Vale over the years. hate moaners for the sake of it and people who boo any player individually or the team. best to say nothing if you can't be positive or supportive. \first player I voted for was Johnny James who went with you and me and Gordon Lee to Mexico as the song says.


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    many and varied but nothing rubbish


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    ex pottery manager reduced to working in the civil service

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  1. ii had a replacement code from the club by email yesterday. just put it in and it's invalid. too late now. tenner it is. rubbing it in that is.
  2. I've only missed one of these games due to being away. Have to say it's a God awful way to follow your club. I've missed less than a dozen home games since 1971 but this shizz is killing me. can't shout, can't help to influence the game and encourage the team. Maybe our players should gang up on an inexperienced ref in the tunnel at half time and get him to level the game up?! certainly we'd be a big help when teams come to park the bus like two out of the last three dire results. how do these premiership plastic fans find any enjoyment in 'following their team' in this mode because they do th
  3. I have a book called " it's goals that count" by Ronnie Allen. It's from 1955 so about half of it is about Allen's time at vale. As most of you will know he put the penalty past vale in our 53/54 cup semi-final against WBA. He mentions the post bag chock full of ' traitor' letters he had from us after the game. Lucky for him there was no social media back then.
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