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  1. It was more about a pantomime villain who wanted to pull the strings and dislodge everything we have worked hard for. In all fairness, with our cheap tickets and large attendances, we haven’t done too bad. Promotion and League Cup final in the same season. L1 play-offs twice and reaching the final again, losing to Millwall. FA Cup quarter-final and beating the likes of Wigan, Arsenal, Villa over two legs, Chelsea at the bridge and Sunderland to name a few. This is what makes this season’s relegation hard to take. All of the hard work the previous owners have put in the stabilise the club ready for Championship football, and we’ve gone backwards. But anyway, what about Vale’s chances next season? Any early predictions?
  2. I suppose it would be difficult for anyone who isn’t connected to Bradford City to truly understand what has happened since Edin Rahic (joint-owner who left on Nov) took full control of absolutely everything at the club. I could bore you will all the details, but I really can’t be bothered. We’ve gone from consistently being in the top 5 of League One for 3 season’s, being a decent finish away from the Championship to finishing bottom of L1. In a nutshell, we have a very good squad on paper for League One, never mind L2. We’re not short of a quid or two and the fans are now right behind the club following the departure on said joint-owner. I’m quietly confident we’ll do OK next season - merely an opinion/prediction.
  3. To be fair, League Two is probably his level now. We sold him to Charlton 2 years ago for £100k - and it was great business. We welcomed him back in Jan because he loves the club and wanted to be back in the area. He might fair OK next season, wherever he is, but I doubt he’ll be a starter in what will be a serious promotion push for us.
  4. It’s such a shame, he’s a decent finisher. We shipped him out on-loan to Cambridge United and by all accounts, he’s faired quite well. I’m not sure whether he’s worth the risk in keeping him if another club comes in for him. We can’t afford to get it wrong again upfront. Our forwards are listed below, and apart from Eoin Doyle, we’re limited up top. Eoin Doyle Shay McCartan Billy Clarke Omari Patrick Alex Jones Dog ****.
  5. Thanks for the responses, Valiants. It would appear Guy is a direct replacement for Luke Hendrie, who has just signed for Shrewsbury. It’s likely he’ll be utilised more in the RB position - is this his strongest position, or is it CM?
  6. Afternoon all, We’re set to announce the signing of Callum Guy at 6pm - is he any good? Thanks.
  7. I don’t buy that, to be honest mate. We’ve done fairly well in recent years, doing numbers on Wigan (when they were half decent), Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea and Sunderland etc... Bit of desire, luck and a boisterous following and anything is possible in Cup competitions.
  8. Aye, it’s a right old trek down there. Sure we have a shoddy record down there aswell - whereas McCall has a decent record at Vale Park. Alex Jones has been a tad unlucky this season. He has primarily been used in the cup competitions, and has faired alright, scoring 5 goals in what seems to be hardly any games at all. He finished off the season well last season, forming a decent parnership with Charlie Wyke, but he’s had a few knocks already and has just undergone surgery - so he may miss the Cup game if you make it through. Decent player though, and I feel he’ll be essential to us at the business end of the season next year.
  9. Not the glamour tie either club wanted, but it’s a great opportunity for either side to progress - not to mention the £67,500 for the winners. I think I’d prefer to meet you lot than travel to Yeovil.
  10. We never travel well to Vale, we know this. But, last season and seasons before that the football has been dog *****. Take last season, we averaged 1,450 away, but only fetched 616. We did take 3,000 back in 98 (?) - wouldn't surprise me if we took 2,000 - we're more than capable.
  11. This is true, but we do have 15,000 ST holders, so games like Bolton last week when the attendance was 21,200, take away 2,500 Bolton, we had 18,700 home fans. So, a good 3,500 paid something on the gate. Average away support at Valley Parade is around 650, and we currently average 18,250 - so again, an average of 2,500 paying something on the gate every home game. In addition, the new owners announced this week that next seasons ST will be on sale next week - and they're gonna be announced around the same price regardless of what league we're in. If we manage promotion this year, crowds will be consistently 22,000+.
  12. Well, we'll never see the day - so it's pointless talking about it.
  13. Yeah, I remember the JPT game quite fondly. There's no question that you get good away crowds compared to other clubs who average circa 4,000, but you fall within that bracket of averaging relatively small numbers at home. So, I'm not sure how comparisons can be draw in percentage terms when there is talk about what we average at home/away. For example, we need to average 2,700 away to fall into the 15%+ percentage bracket - and how many clubs average 2,700+ in the league. Not sure I agree. All a load of nonsense anyway.
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