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  1. Bob Norbury
    17th January 2021 @ 1:01 am

    I am really pleased that Vale got a point from the game against Forest Green but overall it was not as satisfactory as it sounds. I am also pleased that Danny Pugh is managing to keep things moving in the dressing-room but to my mind during the last two or three seasons the person in charge,whoever it’s been, seems to think that you can win matches firing pea-shooters rather than using machine guns. By this I mean that Vale seem to approach every match as though we are not as good as the opposition and we quickly settle into a frame of mind where we need to defend when frankly we have the players to worry any side in attack but we don’t attack we simply kick the ball up the field and because generally we only have one player up front the ball is soon on it’s way back into the Vale’s half.

    We need to play 4-4-2 and impose ourselves on the opposition so that they have to worry about us being keen to score goals instead of being like a shy girl at her first job and looking like a team who would be happy with a point. We have got a good squad of players who will become a good side if they approach matches as though that is their intention’

    Also, the defence has got to realise that some of the goals we are giving away are preventable. We often seem to have two or three players round the ball and yet the opposition player is still the one that gets it and scores. Tighten up at the back and make opposition attackers feel that they are in for a difficult time.

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