Lincoln 3-1 Vale reaction: it’s not Aspin’s fault, Brown’s poor signings mean Vale lack quality

Lincoln 3-1 Vale reaction: it’s not Aspin’s fault, Brown’s poor signings mean Vale lack quality

Port Vale fans feel that the legacy of Michael Brown’s poor signings is making Neil Aspin’s task difficult at the moment…

Players and management

“We knew it was going to be a difficult game but we weren’t good enough, especially in the second-half. We were very poor so I am not going to say any different, you have to be better than that if we are to climb the table. It wasn’t a good enough performance…”

Vale manager Neil Aspin

Views from the OVF forum

“Aspin is the right man for the job long term. I don’t think Mourinho would be able to get us even mid-table at the moment with this squad and other baggage. Fingers crossed we can survive this season, make a push towards the play-offs next season and fix the club long term…”


“They have Billy Knott on their bench. He would be first choice in our midfield. That’s the truth of the situation we are in. Our midfield is absolutely shocking.”

Tommy Mac

“We really need to ship in some new faces in January and ship out the dross brought in by Brown…”


“I’ve never seen a less talented bunch up the Vale in my 37 years of going.  Aspin really has his work cut out…”


“How anyone can slate Aspin now are crazy he’s got more points since hes been here than Brown did in 30 odd games…”


“They beat us with strength at set pieces. We worked hard, deserved to go in level at half-time. Second-half one of their midfielders curved in a good goal but we were always under more pressure because of their physical presence at set-pieces. We need another couple of wins soon or confidence will slip, I think…”


“Bostwick controlled the game for Lincoln, a strong, dominating performance in the middle of the park, the type of player Vale don’t have and desperately need…”


“I thought today we looked second best! Even though the stats suggests this was a more or less even competition, we really were poor throughout. They came at us from the beginning of both halves, and got a goal within ten minutes of both halves. And when on earth, are we going to begin defending set pieces?”

Danish Valiant

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