Crawley 1-3 Port Vale reaction: Kewell says Vale didn’t have much to offer

A round-up of comments following Port Vale’s excellent away win on Saturday including some rather faint praise from the Crawley boss…

Players and coaching staff

“It was a game of two halves – we knew what Port Vale were going to bring; they don’t like to play – they like to play long. In the first half we played their game; we tried to fight them and they are a strong team. The free-kick was a free-kick… deflection… the keeper has no chance of that. Second one, good delivery in… They worked it well but apart from that I didn’t think they have too much to offer…”

Crawley Town manager Harry Kewell

“It was a tough game, we knew it would be. I thought they moved the ball well, especially in the second half. Losing Monty at half time did affect us, they pinned us back but I have been talking to the boys about desire and I think they certainly showed that in the second half. They hung in when it was difficult and they got their rewards.”

Port Vale manager Michael Brown

“I am absolutely delighted with my first goal. It has taken 18 odd games to score but to get the three points as well is massive. I wasn’t expecting to ever score a header to be honest, but I am delighted. But I am more pleased with the three points…”

Goal scorer Dan Turner

Views from the OVF forum

“Very happy with the result and I’m glad I went, I thought we were going to chuck it away in the second half though… some nervy moments but I’m happy. First time I got to cheer away from home in more than a year!”

Mr Vale

“This was a typical Brown showing form the squad and those of us that follow Vale away are in for more of the same, I believe.”


“I thought ADF was our best player. He did nothing flashy but he was a constant pest to Crawley, he won the ball and constantly harried their players forcing them to pass sideways or backwards. A word or two about Gavin Gumming. He will never be an Allen Tankard left-back going forward but I thought that defensively he was very sound, he won his tackles was tight on his winger all the time, had a decent long throw or two and at this level he will do a good job as a defender.”

Essex Vale

“Great start to the season to get that away win monkey off the back. I think Crawley will be relegation fodder but doesn’t matter it’s nice to have three points to start the season.”


“On first impressions, the most encouraging aspect of play was the amount of talking, with Kay (a real leader) and Tonge barking out orders.”


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