Charlton fans: our priority is to get rid of the owners

Charlton Athletic fans are concerned more with off-pitch matters than team tactics ahead of their game with Vale…

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As Port Vale fans, the memory of anti-board protests and a club is crisis is still fresh to many of us.  I am sure I speak for the majority of Vale fans when I wish Charlton the best of luck and my good wishes in getting the owners their proud and historic club deserves.

We are all part of one football family – it’s only geography and a series of circumstances that results in us wearing the scarf colours we do. I remember fans of other clubs helping Vale in our darkest hours and I would like to think Vale fans will remember that and assist other football clubs who are in difficulties.

If you want to add your name to the many thousands protesting against Charlton’s owners, you can sign a petition on the We Want Our Charlton Back website here

There is also a statement from CARD – the coalition of Charlton fan groups opposed to the club’s owner – that you can read here

Rob Fielding

OVF Editor

About the fans…

Karim_myBagheri – Like most Charlton fans I’m a masochist. I also like programmes on trains. I first started following Charlton back in the early ’90s thanks to my Dad (he says through gritted teeth) who has been going since the mid 60s.

thai malaysia addick – I was born in Charlton and saw my first game at The Valley in the 1958-59 season. There’s a family history of Charlton fans, but the line ends with me!

ForeverAddickted –  I have been a fan since 1994… Stoke City (0-0) was my first game. 97/98 was my first real season when I did quite a few matches which led to the play-off final against Sunderland… After that match I was hooked and have been a season ticket holder ever since.

Pedro45 – I’ve been a fan since 1967, and season ticket holder for most of that time, until this season. I have seen Charlton play away against 92 football league clubs, though some of those games were against teams now out of the league, and at their old grounds. Now I go on game by game basis due to the ineptitude of our owner and CEO.

About the opposition…

How do you expect your team to do this season?

the ultimate aim this season is to get rid of the owner and CEO…

Karim_myBagheri – A minor flirt with mid-table mediocrity before finally accepting relegation.

thai malaysia addick -There is a great deal of pessimism around the place. I think we will avoid relegation but not by much. If we get one or two key injuries, it could be worse.

ForeverAddickted – This season I’d hoped that we’d be in and around the mix for automatic promotion yet we’ve drawn too many games, because of the nature of the Division and as Wigan / Barnsley proved last season I think we can still get to the play-offs (we won’t be promoted) but we need to buck our ideas up and quick.

Pedro45 – At present, anything better than relegation would be good; the ultimate aim this season is to get rid of the owner and CEO.

What are your thoughts on the manager and his signings?

Karim_myBagheri – Slade has been pretty negative. he likes to play a back seven. Most players have been average. Who’s dangerous? Hmm, watch out for our centre backs as they seem to have anger issues which could turn nasty.

thai malaysia addick -It’s difficult to judge the manager. His hands have probably been tied. I am sure he didn’t want to end up with the squad he has which is short of craft in midfield. Lookman and Holmes are probably the pick of the players.

ForeverAddickted – When Russell Slade was hired I was always a bit “meh” as his record of being promoted didn’t impress me, I’ve been happy with some of his signings (Magennis, Pearce and Rudd) yet am not impressed with his tactics… As one of the favourites in the Division we’re far too negative and don’t take the game to the opposition so I can see why he’s never been promoted.

Pedro45 – Brussel Slave is very negative, but he can only play the hand he has been dealt. We’re woefully short and ponderous in midfield, and overloaded at centre back. Our best player is Ademola Lookman, a teenager playing for England u20’s currently (the only non-Premier League player who is).

Your thoughts on the board?

There is no future with them so fans are protesting vehemently for them to go…

Karim_myBagheri – They’re all unmentionable things but they have learnt their lessons and admit to mistakes since running the club. Ah, bless ‘em. Also the tunnel has recently had a makeover and there are plans to possibly, sometime in the near to distant future to have the Jimmy Seed sign cleaned/demolished. Depending on Sue Parks’ approval.

thai malaysia addick -Just to take a look around our forum and you will find out the general opinion about the board and its activities. Frankly, it couldn’t be much worse.

ForeverAddickted – They need to go it’s simple… As mentioned by many our CEO appears too interested in furthering her own career whilst the owner doesn’t bother to attend games and if he truly isn’t interested in the club then why keep us?

Pedro45 – Too much to go into, but they are killing our club. We have no board, just a CEO, and owner, as directors. There is no future with them so fans are protesting vehemently for them to go.

A score prediction and predicted away following?

Karim_myBagheri – 2-0 to Vale. away attendance 357.

thai malaysia addick -We’ll score 0 or 1, Vale will score 1 or 2. Away attendance 349.

ForeverAddickted – I hope we win because it’s my birthday yet despite being fed up with all the draws it’s a result I’ll be happy with, you’ve only lost the once at home whilst we just have no consistency.

Pedro45 – 2-0 to you guys! 315 faithful fans on a cold Tuesday night.

About the Vale…

Where do you think Vale will finish?

Karim_myBagheri – They will win best dressed football side 2016/17

thai malaysia addick – Better than us

ForeverAddickted – Prior to the season starting I hunted down the kits that each side have and without doubt: Port Vale have one of the best out this season… Because of that I’ve kept a small eye on them but have been impressed with them and Bury, last season we saw the likes of Burton and Walsall challenging so why not you both this season.

Pedro45 – Better than Charlton!

A guide for Vale fans…

Can you tell us something about your side we may not know?

Karim_myBagheri – All Charlton fans carry a flask of Bovril for protection. We will never reveal the truth behind the nickname ‘Addicks’. We’re pretty big in Sweden, but I’m not sure if this has anything to do with cardigans.

thai malaysia addick – The loudest noise at The Valley was in 1976 when The Who played at The Valley and a reading  of 126dB was recorded. Our recent protests at the ground have only reached 125dB. So far…

Pedro45 – The pitch was covered in beach balls early in the Middlesboro game last season, stopping the match several times. The Brighton game was delayed after the pitch was strewn with stress balls. At one game, a group of fans based in a private box all dressed as Pinocchio, to reflect their opinion on what our CEO said. They have not been asked to renew their box this season.

What about a recommended blog or forum?

Karim_myBagheri – There are links here to most of the blogs, which are pretty good

thai malaysia addick – Charlton Life is the one

ForeverAddickted – Charlton Life is probably the best place to get any information relating to the club as it’s a real community on here, because of that I don’t really bother with any other websites… I do write a small Match Preview myself every week.

Pedro45 –


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