Vale fans reaction: Foley and Grant superb, defence solid, newcomers impressive…

Vale fans reaction: Foley and Grant superb, defence solid, newcomers impressive…

The main talking points from the forum are – the form of Grant and Foley, Vale’s young defence and the quality of the opposition…

Sam Foley and Anthony Grant

“Grant was brilliant. Foley too.”


“Grant is class. Foley has a fantastic engine. Roll on Tuesday.”

Class personified

“Foley on another level.”


“Sam Foley was easily the MOTM.”

For Us All

“If Norman wants to make money selling players he has to sign Sam Foley and Anthony Grant on new two year contracts. He can’t do his usual wait to offer reduced terms and expect them to stay.”


Vale’s defence

“Two clean sheets with probably the two youngest central defenders in the league.”


“The defence played really well… you can tell we have four centre backs in there.”


“Streete and Smith were excellent again and Streete’s goal was a great finish.”



“Saturday was the first time I’ve seen Tavares play and I came away very impressed. I think once he gets up to the full speed of the English game we will have a real player and fans favourite on our hands…”


“Agreed and I also thought De Freitas and Knops looked very decent too.”


“He’s [Tavares is] already showing to be a more than solid signing, and a fair replacement for O’Connor. I love the midfield three of him, Grant and Foley, while De Freitas also clearly has potential.”


“De Freitas on the wing was the highlight of the match for me, he went on a run and absolutely embarrassed a few Southend players.”


“Knops is a true defender.”

Class personified

“Forrester was great and close to MOM for me.”


“More than a few mom candidates with … Forrester a top second half performance (holding the ball up whilst carrying their defender on his back) along with Tavares who doesn’t shirk a challenge…”


“Forrester, Knops and Tavares were all good in my eyes.”


The opposition

“Southend were very poor.”


“I didn’t think Southend were up to much but can’t take anything away from us…”

Mr Vale

“Southend were very poor.”


“You can only beat who is in front of you…”


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