Rochdale viewpoint: we’re in an utopian dream world

A Rochdale fan is looking forward to the club finishing in their highest-ever league position.

About the fan…

I’m BOROMAT, I’m in my late twenties and been a season ticket holder since I was four. Somehow, even after seeing teams put together by Graham Barrow I’ve continued to support what was my local team.

How are your team doing?

In contrast to when I first started watching Dale we are now in our most successful eras the club has ever had with our most successful manager at the helm, so we’re all in some utopian dream world.

Where you think you will finish?

I’m hoping to finish in our highest ever league position (7th) any higher up would be embarrassing for every other team in the league.

Who should we watch out for?

We have plenty of talented youngsters to look out for but for individual skill Donal McDermott can be pretty exciting to see.

What are your thoughts on your manager?

He’s the most successful manager we’ve ever had, what else is there to say?

What are your thoughts on your board?

Again the best state it has ever been. We’ve bought our stadium back and are running at a profit paying our bills. All the board are true Dale fans. However, this week we’re not been too happy about the season ticket price announcement.

Any views on the current Port Vale team?

I work with a few Vale fans and I think you’ve had a similar inconsistent season to ourselves. You’ve obviously missed Pope but maybe not as much as expected.

Did you attend the reverse fixture earlier this season?

I did and we’d had a pretty good start to the season. Looking back it was a very different starting eleven that day and we should be much stronger on Saturday.

Any views and memories of players involved with both teams?

Not really as Dodds is the only one really. He never really made an impression on loan at Dale in his younger years but was very likeable and its good to see him have a very good career at Vale.

A score prediction?

A lot probably depends on Tuesday . If we beat Gillingham we’ll be chasing the play-offs and up for it!

REP was talking to a member of the ROCHDALEAFC.COM forum

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