Blackpool fans slam manager and owners

Blackpool fans slam manager and owners

It’s a sad day when fans boycott their clubs but the two supporters we spoke to ahead of their game with Vale have had enough of the way the club is being run.

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TANGO’D – I’ve spent 45 years following the Pool. I started in 1970 as a 12 year-old waiting for the gates to open twenty minutes before the end of the game. I eventually become a season ticket holder and that ticket was cut up at the start of this season and I have not and will not set foot in Bloomfield until the obnoxious family have gone.

HURRICANE HAZI – I’ve been going 44 years and never missed a home game. But I gave up altogether two years ago when The Karl Wrong Un regime finished me off.

Editor’s comment

OVF fully backs the Blackpool supporters’ calls for changes at their club…

It is rare that the “Opposing Views” feature has to come with a disclaimer. However, portions of this interview have been amended as sadly, we are aware of the Blackpool owners’ willingness to take legal action against online content.

OVF fully backs the Blackpool supporters’ calls for changes at their club and as bystanders we feel that the actions of the present owners are damaging the reputation of a great club. We would urge the owners to listen to their supporters and engage in meaningful dialogue with a view to leaving the club.

As we Vale fans know during our battle with the V2001 board, once a club has lost the support of its fans it is in a no-win situation. Once of the most pertinent things said during the slow demise of Valiant 2001 was this quote from Steve Bradbury, Valiants against Racism founder who said that “a club with no fans is a club with no heart.”


Disclaimer: The following views are the personal views of the individual fans and not necessarily those of this website.

How are your team doing?

TANGO’D – The team are doing pretty much as expected – in a relegation battle. In the pre-season games the team looked keen enough, but a Sunday League team can look keen!

HURRICANE HAZI – I’ve not seen us play but pretty poor as I expected.

Where you think you will finish?

TANGO’D – A likely end to the season will be going to Peterborough on the last match needing a point to stay up and getting battered 4-0. Cue another pitch invasion to get the point across to the Oystons.

HURRICANE HAZI – One place above relegation target achieved.

Who should we watch out for?

TANGO’D – Doyle the keeper (says it all really) but even he can’t do it all on his own. Expect him to be snapped up by a more ambitious team – like Fleetwood – at the end of the season. After spending years in the background at Birmingham he wants to show his worth. Cullen if he’s playing, never stays still and knows where the back of the net is – occasionally.

HURRICANE HAZI – Our mascot Bloomfield Bear beat up the Oldham mascot a few years ago!

What are your thoughts on your manager?

TANGO’D – I gave McDonald the benefit of the doubt early on. Now – he is an absolute muppet and puppet of the Oystons. He seems to think it is the fans fault that his players can’t play.

HURRICANE HAZI – A complete “yes man”.

What are your thoughts on your board?

TANGO’D – I need to be careful what I say about ‘the family’ or I’m likely to end up in court with the scores of other fans that have been sued. Needless to say we are run by a convicted rapist and his convicted fly-tipping son. They managed to “win the Euro Millions” when the team of 2010 galvanised by the inspirational Ollie and backed by Valeri Belekon (without his money we wouldn’t have had Charlie Adam) gave us a dream year in the Premier League.

HURRICANE HAZI – In my view, they are killing the club.

Any views on the current Port Vale?

TANGO’D – You are probably a bit too inconsistent to make a push for the play-offs (oh, how I dream that our only problem was inconsistency!) and like most teams are just missing a midfield wizard to better supply your front men.

HURRICANE HAZI – A decent side. I like Foley & Uche from what little I’ve seen.

Any views and memories of players or managers involved with both teams?

TANGO’D – I never saw him play (even I am not that old) but top of the list is the Legend Sir Stanley Matthews who played for us and managed you. Stephen McPhee was with us from 2008 to 2009. He started off brightly then faded away (our club can do that to players). Terry Alcock was with us from 1967 to 1976 – 1 decent defender and whose back garden backed onto ours!

A score prediction?

TANGO’D – After the abysmal display against Burton’s ten men our players definitely have something to prove. I would have said a win for you but I’m going for a sit on the fence 1-1 with Andy Little getting ours. Good luck with the rest of the season, we probably won’t be seeing you next year. We will have our local derby with Morecombe to look forward to!

HURRICANE HAZI – You win 2-1 with Cullen replying late on.

OVF wishes Blackpool fans the very best of luck and hopes that they get the club and owners they deserve as soon as possible.