Exeter fans confident of cup upset

Exeter fans confident of cup upset

OVF talks to three Exeter fans and they are reasonably confident of a win over the Valiants on Sunday.

Thanks to REP for asking the questions.


About the fans

PETER MARTIN – I’ve been going regularly since 1966.
AVENING POSSE – I’m an exiled fan living in the Cotswolds and I’ve been going since 1979.
ANTMAN – I’m an exile living abroad, I’m 53, I see about four games a season.


How do you expect your team to do in the Cup?

We’re already matching our best performance in the FA Cup in nine years…

PETER MARTIN – We’re already matching our best performance in the FA Cup in nine years. That tells its own story!
AVENING POSSE – We were very respectable in the League Cup by beating Swindon away, and unbelievably went in 3-3 at half time away to Sunderland in the next round, although Defoe and Watmore showed their class after the break and we lost 6-3, but in the FA Cup with a fair wind we could make round three for the first time in donkey’s years, and who knows after that.
ANTMAN – There is a longing to get to the third round, which would make our season if we don’t get into play-offs. I’m really not sure if we can, as I don’t know enough about your boys.

What is your favourite cup memory involving Exeter?

PETER MARTIN – It has to be the visit to Old Trafford in the 3rd round in 2005 when we were in the Conference and forced a reply after a 0-0 draw. I’m proud to say we were only finally beaten with goals from a (very young) Rooney and Ronaldo. Our game against the same team at home in 1969 is also memorable for me (a 3-1 defeat).
AVENING POSSE – We beat Newcastle in the FA Cup fifth round 4-0 in the 1980-81 season in front of 17,500 at the Park, it was a night game, and I was a very impressionable 12 year-old, and that night will live with me forever.
ANTMAN – I was 19 when we thrashed Newcastle 4-0 at home in a fifth round replay. Magic memories.

Who should we watch out for in your squad?

PETER MARTIN – Should I be telling you?David Wheeler is pretty decent on his day. David Noble is generally commanding in midfield.
AVENING POSSE – We have a few you need to watch out for, but if Wheeler and Holmes play well you will have problems.
ANTMAN – Craig Woodman. He’s a creative genius playing in central midfield.

Who do you most fear from the Vale squad?

PETER MARTIN – Nobody (and I hope our team feels the same).
AVENING POSSE – Not been keeping up with you guys, does Pope still play for you? I recall him scoring loads when we were in the same division!
ANTMAN – If you’re scared of Port Vale then you really should take up another hobby instead of watching football.

Do you have any memories of previous clashes between your team and the Vale?

I was 3 years old when we last played you in the FA Cup…

PETER MARTIN – Not especially. I was 3 years old when we last played you in the FA Cup.
AVENING POSSE – I’ve seen us play you loads of times, have a rather sore memory of losing to you in the early 90’s with a referee who was hopeless, which led to 1 or 2 of our fans getting on the field at the end to “have a word” with him.
ANTMAN – I was at a 1-1 at your place in 1990 or 91 in the third tier. Darran Rowbotham scored for us. You were going down at the time as I remember.

A score prediction for the game?

PETER MARTIN – 2-0 to City. Lee Holmes and Tom Nichols.
AVENING POSSE – I think we will win 2-1 with Nichols and Harley for us and Pope for you [OVF Editor – that’ sadly extremely unlikely] Enjoy the game, come in the Spot for a pint!
ANTMAN – Like I say, absolutely no idea on this one. The last three games we have started with three different types of team, and even guessing the starting eleven is impossible, never mind the score.