Perry Deakin rewrites (career) history

Perry Deakin rewrites (career) history

It’s come to OVF’s attention of a potential issue with the Linked In profile of a certain Perry Deakin, the club’s former CEO.

Deakin has a profile available on Linked In, a social network designed to be used by business professionals.

We have included a screengrab of that profile but, wait, isn’t there something missing?



It appears that Perry has removed his employment history at Port Vale FC (which, according to our sources, was previously shown on his Linked In profile). Perhaps Mr Deakin may need reminding of the terms and conditions of the Linked In agreement which includes this line:

You agree that you will: Provide accurate information to us and keep it updated

Perhaps Perry needs to add the Port Vale section back onto his profile? Not only would it satisfy the terms and conditions of Linked In, but surely he doesn’t want people to think he is deliberately obscuring his connection with the darkest moment in Port Vale’s recent history?

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