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  1. Adam Hamill a winger from Huddersfield ex liverpool
  2. Hughesy not on the bench today ?
  3. He must be The greatest living British sportsman.
  4. HES NOT WORTH A NEW CONTRACT what do you base that on ?
  5. When we beat stoke last time "you've got the biggest council house in stoke on Trent "
  6. Now is not the time for knee jerk reactions we've played 5 games for gods sake, we could quite easily be four points better off get off the managers back and support him .
  7. Or he could buy 500 season tickets and give them away somehow, but why should he ?
  8. We must be in for fuller has its all quiet from the club who are normally quick to deny speculation on transfer targets
  9. Darren carter is a good shout
  10. Just to clarify smurf said to be competitive in league 1 we would need to sell 5k season tickets and he's budgeted for 6.5k gates, anything over that would go back into the team
  11. Arsenal is the closest ground to wembley !!
  12. Not vale related but everyone who has played football locally will know codger, a big stoke fan a gem of a bloke you will not meet a nicer bloke anywhere. I played with him at Hanley Town for years and am devastated that he's passed away this morning !
  13. Hughes organised the trip and Adams isn't going with them
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