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  1. I rather hope your post doesn't get deleted, as many people will appreciate the massive irony in it. Anyone reading this might like to know that Martino has just also sent me a pvt message by the way, (absolute desperation for attention), also rather telling, but I'm afraid she / it may be waiting a few decades for a reply. I won't respond in kind to your remarks, not worth it, but will point out that whilst I put people that attack me in their place, the vast majority of my posts relate to Port Vale, their matches and players and events at the club. Anyone who flicks back through your posts can make up their own mind about the quality, validity and honesty of your posts - and even as a WUM you are a failure, that is the sweetest irony of all, as Doha and many others have pointed out. Nighty night xxx
  2. Oh how sweet of you, another obsessive post:laugh: Troube is, what is say is true and your post is just your own problem vitriol, which wont get responded to in kind, as you don't exist as a person to me. Norman gets my praise when he does something good (as shown above to your dismay) and if that is not quite as often as when he does not (as shown on the front page and virtually every other time his gob opens) then that just reflects the ratio of his good/bad actions. I'll leave it up to others to judge whether the good work done recently in getting Aspin, Rudge and Whitfield completely balances the debt on directors loans, relegation, Bruno, 15 catalogue players, endless PR gaffes, appointing Brown twice:wink: (knew you'd like that one), twitter and facebook disasters, the Rob Page disgrace, talking to dead chairman...I'll leve the other 107 negative things so as not to bore people as you do. Sweet dreams xxx
  3. That is presuming the window repair man doesn't get offered a better wage of 50p an hour and a longer contract by the local allotment shed owner.
  4. What an embarrassing post this was, well done SuperValiant1876... now where have I read those words recently ?
  5. My post on 3/1/17 very soon after Ben's contract renewal said - Excellent news, as long as confirmed. May I be one of the first to say well done to all involved, especially Norman, first few pieces of the jigsaw in place. Are you man enough to apologise or shall we just let everyone see what a pathetic false accuser posts. Let's just see. I also thanked Norman in another post - but it seems you only read and quote from my posts VERY selectively.
  6. Do you really think it would be a good idea to use what looks like being minimal and scriping funds on a new untried (by us) goalkeeper ? We have had about 9 or 10 in a year or so, and just as we find an improving, enthusiastic and more than competant young home-grown keeper who gels with his defence - is it a good idea to bring in another one, possibly at the expense of another area of the team that needs improvement much more. Ryan Boot has conceded just 4 goals in the last 7 league games, including games against a number of the top teams. He is proving his worth and that should not be risked by bringing in another keeper when I think we all know that it wouldn't be Joe Hart or someone similar. I agree that outfield players coming in should have decent league experience, but unfortunately I am not the one providing the funds so we will have to wait and see who arrives at the club.
  7. Hilarious - the problem with your unprovoked personal attack is that I neither started the thread, or transferred Gavin Gunning. Nor did I contribute to Vale losing, or make any false claims. And many other people have posted the same as I did or similar. Don't make pathetic attempts at bullying and naming people - you wouldn't DARE criticise Rob's piece on the front sheet or say that to Jacko or any other posters because you'd get your backside kicked, metaphorically speaking. Cowardly trolling and abuse of OVF rules both of Off Topic and Personal attacks (which I have reported) at its worst, but just to let you know I stand by everything I have posted because it is true. For your information, the other poster you mention, who I will not name, has not been mentioned in a post by me in the last 6 weeks at least, probably considerably longer. Most importantly, why not contact Aspin and Rudge and tell them they didn't want to keep Gunning when they have clearly said they did on a number of occasions. It is becoming clear that there is a good chance that Gunning was 'engineered' out in the classic Smurf style he got rid of Page and several players - make an offer that they cannot accept because it is financial disaster for them - how would you like 2 months without pay ? Or is Rob also embarrassing you with his front page piece ? That is not nitpicking, it is fact again - which seems to upset your agenda. Go through my posts if you don't believe me, but facts aren't your strong point. Night night sweetie xxx
  8. Pity someone else doesn't write off loans quite as easily, isn't it ? Bill Bratt = classic tactic of diverting the argument. Irrelevant, and have you also read the piece by Rob on the front of the site re GG's 'offer'.
  9. Have you rad Rob's piece on the front of the site about 2 months unpaid for Gavin ? Any thoughts ?
  10. You don't have the authority to use 'we' in this argument - if you want to speak for all Vale fans, try joining the supporters club and get elected as chairperson. At least FGR's owners support their club and not Coventry. And I cant see your glorious Smurf getting an OBE any time soon. Aspin and Rudge working for Dale Vince, who would finance them properly, at Vale would be magnificent.
  11. By your logic then it would not have mattered if we had kept Whitfield or not. You can't have it both ways.
  12. I agree with all of that, and especially the bit about not naming players which used to be a huge problem as it is unfair, but thankfully has lessened. Yes, some will have to go in May - but just who and how many will depend on funding and wage offers as well as what the management team wants I think. Maybe, please God, we will be sold before then and have Synectics or someone in charge who may have different plans. It's also true that any individual game brings extreme reactions of elation or despair, but some things at the club - the owner, for instance - are longer term and yet it seems to make some boil with anger to mention this. The return of Rudge and Aspin is brilliant, but Aspin will need time and make mistakes too - I and just about all Vale fans are confident he will get it right but the pair need full support from above, and patience from all of us. Going to bed now - I'm confident it will be fine eventually, but not without a few more days like today along the journey.
  13. Fair enough, I'll support the manager myself, and always have - not just this manager, and as I always say, we don't know the reasons managers make substitions. It might do the lad good long term. Some people are diverting the main point - that we still do not have a squad that is good enough to challenge near the top of the table, either now or later - and letting Gunning go has not improved matters. Aspin is still a manager that is learning, at least at football league level despite extensive non-league experience. As such he desperately needs the right level of funding to both obtain and sign,and also to keep the players he wants - and he has said he wanted to keep Gunning. There is still time to sign players, but I am concerned that there is an attitude right at the funding source that thinks we have done enough to be safe this season, so why pay good money for more wages and other fees for decent players. This was almost certainly the view last January as well, and however much we trust in Rudgey and Aspin, if they are unable to sign anyone decent, and then find that key players get injured or suspended, things could be tricky again. Then it only needs a couple of bad reffing decisions - like at Yeovil in the Cup and we would face more suspensions and problems. So now is the time to insure against this by bringing in a couple of experienced players and this needs funding - 24 days left to do it, and I will be among the first to say thanks (as I was with Whitfield) if it happens.
  14. I only used the word hostile because PV1973 posted this : 'The fans who ran down the terrace to abuse the players as they walked off at the end were a disgrace.' My apologies for taking notice of this poster, but best you take it up with him, I guess from previous posts I should have known better not to take any notice of this poster.
  15. Sorry, your personal attacks do your case no merit. If it is just me, then why did 11 people thank my posts today, 7 yesterday and 10 the day before - and I average a lowish number of posts. Put me on ignoe if you don't like it - but don't forget the other 20 or so posters who have agreed with what I posted in just the last 2 or 3 days. When people make promises and don't keep them, and then get thanked by a few sycophantic posters who are more concerned with saving the owners pocket pennies than the good of the club, it is no wonder there is a feeling that last January's transfer disgrace is being repeated.
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