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  1. Just a quick forum post (it's been a long time since I've been on OVF!) I wanted to let fellow friends and Vale fans know of the passing of my beautiful Uncle Jason. Jase has lots of friends at the Vale, he has in the past been a shirt sponser as part of his company Westonia Mortgages and more recently a regular in the disabled stand. Jason passed away this afternoon surrounded by his children, wife and other family members after a tough but courageous 5 year battle with Myeloma. Our man of steel has undergone 2 stem cell transplants and 5 years of treatment - he was never going without a fight. I will update with further details when we are aware. Many thanks
  2. My other half is an Blue and has recently picked up this friendly programme from 1980/81 season. First team friendly at Vale Park, Wednesday 30th July 10p a programme! Its driving him mad trying to find what the final score was and in fairness...now its driving me mad! Anyone got any ideas? Or can remember?!
  3. Conna wait! My nephew has been walking around in a stoke shirt because he had never been a football match before! Spent last half of the season and pre season converting him! Today he will be there in his brand new pristine white vale shirt with his new and first ever season ticket! Buzzing and he absolutely loves the Vale! Up the Vale!
  4. I could easily have spent a small fortune in the shop! Some top quality merch - will be back for Christmas list!
  5. I went down to see if I could get my nephew a season ticket without attaching it to an adult ticket (I can't make every game). The young man who served me told me every option I had and I ended up coming out 10 minutes later with a season ticket, membership and a new shirt for him for £20. Fantastic service, shop looks fantastic - roll on Saturday!
  6. It's been an extremely long while since I last commented on OVF but was curious and somewhat stupid to come back on to look at comments from today - which only reminds me of how absolutely ***** we were! Neal is the only player who looked any good for us today, I think Pope wasn't all that good, just looks better when everyone else is floundering round like fish out of water. JMW was absolute tripe again, has to make you wonder who he is noshing off every week to somehow get on the team sheet when the likes of Dodds and Williamson aren't! Crap, Crewe deserved it - but that's what makes it all the more upsetting, Crewe are battling to stay up! Rubbish.
  7. I must say, when I saw the coffin outside the ground I had to laugh...and I'm sorry but I can't think that the big wigs inside the ground would of done anything other than that. It was ridiculous and embarrassing. Good God, have you not got a wife and kids you could of been spending time with before the game instead of dragging up a coffin full...well not full of season tickets most of them ended up being blown around the floor in the wind!
  8. I must say Mark, the best thing I have done in a long long time is not go to Vale anymore and not bother with the paper/radio/news. I still support the club, I've been into the club shop today and spent a small fortune, I wish them well, but it will be support from beyond the stands unfortunately. Something that made me so angry just isn't worth it. I really really hope that Vale do well, but as you say with the board in place that is just never going to happen. Until it changes I will continue to stay away and I'm sure others are doing just that. We need to continue to hope that things will change...but how long can we wait? Forever Vale ===
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