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  1. Wilifred Bony is on a free!? https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/49324968
  2. Can pay on gate, 20 quid Sent from my SM-A320FL using the onevalefan mobile app
  3. Please win vale. Step sons support Newport, me and my daughter back the vale. Bragging rights at stake. Sent from my SM-A320FL using the onevalefan mobile app
  4. Dear Norman, thanks for everything you've done for the club so far can you answer the following:- 1. What is the lowest finishing position in League 1 for Port Vale in 2015-16 which you would personally regard as a success? 2. In the next 2 years, what do you see as the most important for PVFC (not all of them), a successful football team? Obtaining/maintaining financial balance? Increased supporters? A united fan-base? A completed Vale Park? 3.Looking back at your appointment in this position, would you say someone else would have done better than you had you not been appointed. And in which area do you think the other would have by passed you? 4. Are you surprised by how profitable the Ricoh arena is given so little football has been played there in the last year? 5. For 2015-16, do you prefer a smaller squad with more quality or a larger squad to cover injuries? Are our current contract offers in line with your preference? 6. Finally, given the success of clubs such as Swansea and Bournemouth of having a desired football style, aims and objectives for the entire club. Is this an approach that you'll look to follow? Many thanks Tris
  5. Dear Smurf, How long do the bulbs last? Apart from the positive publicity, would 4-5k be better than 0k? Obviously too close to sort something as suggested above but a similar event or something similar to mk dons' family day be worthwhile.
  6. Short-term plans:Decide on manager, make club financially sustainable, stay in league one 2014-15 season. Medium-term plans: Develop ties with other local clubs, finish ground, promotion push to championship, Long-term plans: Link in with another sport to maximise use of VP and develop identity, stay in championship, develop local players, progress womens side etc. etc Identity wise:maybe as put above "Club to be proud both locally and ideally with national identify for something (attacking football, development with local teams or something else) Not really sure about young player development-pretty much every club does it and we're over ten years behind the likes of crewe in that department. We'd be better off focusing on something else likes players who have dropped out from other clubs or deliberately targeting non-league as a stated aim. Its easy on paper though...
  7. To JYVALE, are you still a fan of Adam Yates!? You needed a lie down after the torrent of abuse you gave him (mostly deserved)...
  8. Went tonight utterly depressed. The abuse I'm getting is from my Bristol supporting mates. Laughing at our comical defending particularly "at our number 2 and 21" (not the only culprits but they were right). Yes some of our passing was good (special mention to Billy Knott who played well), we were on top for much of the first half; but the 2nd and 3rd goals were horrible. Popey feeding off scraps again, Willo's head went down 2nd half but we had already made all our subs. As for Dickos sending off ***, hope he is fined for stupidity. Spent most of the night stood by the group who were probably most vocal at the end (left at ft). Wouldn't surprise me if they were ott but it was a very tough watch tonight. Been to 5 games this season and the same defensive errors time after time. Personally time for change is probably about right now. Micky seems to have had enough (generally moves clubs sooner than this anyway), we need to clear some of the back-room staff as well. New CEO first to help Norm pick a new a manager, Norm needs the help so it will pay off in long run (Chris Powell would be fine, there would be plenty of decent managers who would fancy it), back-room clear it, fresh approach and direction. Start now so we can be ready for the new season. Thanks for everything Micky we wouldn't be in league one without you but time for change all round. UTV
  9. I was with Wimbledon mates in home end corner in line with it...it was definitely in and most people around me agreed. Surprised that there wasn't more of an appeal...
  10. Quick message ball was over line was standing in line with it. Fans agree vale all over them...
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