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  1. 1 hour ago, fraggle said:


    He’s been rubbish for weeks, the defence has a complete lack of confidence in him... the lad is either rooted to his line or is as slow as a cart horse off it


    Yeah sorry, agree with FM, yeah Brown has been pretty awful recently, but goes both ways too...defending has been terrible all season, how can you expect him to have any confidence in what's in front of him?


    He was absolute garbage today (albeit on a terrible pitch & that 3rd happens to every keeper at some point), but I'd say on the face of it there's been plenty of that happening in front of him week after week. Also who are we dropping him for if Visser is apparently out?

  2. To be honest I'd agree with promotion being poor, I'd never even heard of the place or knew its purpose until the news about it being sold. It's not as if I live under a rock when it comes to reading about sport too.

  3. I've got quite a few VHS somewhere that were a collection of mine/grandmother's, she used to record them some well, got probably 4 or 5 seasons worth of goals of the season from early-mid 90s, the Stoke VHS which shows 10 of our derbies, also 4 or 5 full games, including the Everton FAC home fixture, & my brother was mascot for the 4-4 QPR game so we have that too. I can have a look around if you want Rob? Don't really want to give them away but if you're just uploading that's fine.

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