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  1. Cullen also has a you tube reel. To be far though there is quite a few good finishes in this compilation!
  2. I think Smurthwaite was calling out bluff to get £4m, however, I don’t think any of us could keep seeing our club to be continually mismanaged both on and off the field for a further 12 months/ 2 years/ 5 years etc.... So if it means that Carol and Kevin have to pay a bit more for the club to get this incumbent removed (which obviously they seem prepared to do at this moment in time) and it means we are then on a more stable footing as a club which will hopefully move the club forward on and off the pitch then in my opinion it’s worth the extra £££ that Carl and Kevin are prepared to put in. I just hope the stay away fans see it the same way and are prepared to invest in ST’s next season so that we can all show out appreciation to Carol and Kevin for finally giving our club a future to potentially look forward to!
  3. You’re all wrong. Smurthwaite has been to Pyongyang and spoken to North Korean Supreme leader Kim Jong-Un who has promised us not only the Premier League title next season (as we will win every game 10-0) but also we will be Champions League winners (winning every game at least 6-0). Smurthwaite’s happy as he will become an over night billionaire as he’s been promised £10 billion Won (Korean Money) instead of £2.8m and as many free holidays to North Korea as he likes! I’ve also heard a rumour that Kim is that impressed with Norman’s negotiation skills that he is to be introduced to Donald Trump so that Smurthwaite can help Kim to thrash out the deal regarding the Nuclear Disarmament program - what could go wrong? What is there not to like about the deal after all we will be playing premier league football next year!
  4. I can see it now, we’d have Hot and Sour soup being served at the refreshment kiosk’s instead of Bovril!
  5. Here we go - I knew somthing like this was was coming! Smurthwaite reckons he has an Asian consortium lined up who want to buy the club for £2.8 million just for the football side of the business. To me this is smoke and mirrors by Norman just to put the price of the club up so that Carol and Kevin either stump up the full amount or he will continue to threaten to put the club into admininistration. You can read him like a book! https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/port-vale-asian-consortium-smurthwaite-2683194
  6. To me he has all the traits of a sociopath mate * Pathological Lying * Irresponsibility * Manipulation * Lack of emotion * Lack of remorse * Glibness and Superficial Charm * Need for Stimulation * Need to be centre of attention * Callousness/Lack of Empathy * Continually makes poor decisions * Impulse * Irresponsibility * Promiscuous Sexual Behavior/Infidelity * Compulsive * Grandiose Sense of Self These are some of the traits of a sociopath and Smurf appears to have a bad case of being a sociopath as on the face of it it appears he is pretty much all of the above Read more about a sociopath’s behaviour at the below link, it’s quite interesting to see as it pretty much describes him down to a tee! https://www.mcafee.cc/Bin/sb.html
  7. I don’t, the pressure needed to be put on him. I haven’t protested myself due to getting to the ground just before kick off due to other commitments, but I support removing him from controlling the club as he’s made more damage to the club over the years than going into Admin would.
  8. I think she said we, Carol and Kevin had spoken
  9. I never wanted Aspin in the first place, but up until Christmas I was still behind him as I’m not a fan of getting rid of managers in January as it rarely works (look at Brown and Aspin!). However, we can’t go on like this and we need to now get rid of Aspin and appoint Paul Hurst (best manager currently available and before he ends up at Luton!). Let him bring a few players in and steady the ship until the end of the season to avoid relegation and hopefully try and finish as near to mid table as we can, then build on a team around Pope, Whitfield, Brown, Olelekye, Legge (possibly Montano, Hannant & Conlon) as the rest can go for me!
  10. N’Guessan wasn’t a bad player but the rest were/are not good at all!
  11. It wasn’t what I or indeed a lot of fans I attend the games with wanted prior to Aspin, Brown, Ribeiro or Page being appointed. We’ve always said we need a experienced manager instead of the cheapest option and that hasn’t changed, the only difference is we’ve been proven right yet again!
  12. Too right I’ve said it too many times no ex-players again. Who would we appoint in 12 months once Ainsworth’s name has been tarnished? Beckford, Earle, Taylor, Guppy, McCarthy? Where does it end? We need someone in the Micky Adams mould who had no prior association with the club and is experienced at this level and league one, none of this cheapest option rubbish. Smurf had his hands tied with Adams as he was on a proper wage when Smurf/Wildes took over, however, we’ve now gone with the cheapest option 4 times since Adams none of which have worked! It time to pay a proper wage for a decent league experienced manager and have a smaller better quality squad to keep within the budget. The most important person you can employ at a football club is the first team manager, get that right and most other things slot into place.
  13. I’ve said it since Adams resigned that we need another experienced manager at the helm and not bring in Manchester who are the cheap option. If we go with the cheap option again the who knows! But from the available experienced managers we could approach the likes of Steve Cotterill, Brian McDermott, Mark Warburton, Simon Grayson, Brian Laws, Kevin Nolan - all could do a job but that would mean our idiotic owner actually putting his hand in his pocket for once! we can only hope!
  14. In my opinion you cant blame Aspin. I wasn't too struck on Aspin getting the job in the first place as I would rather have had an experienced manager (in the mold of a Micky Adams)but that is my opinion and I've since have had no choice but to get behind him. Yes Aspin picks the team, but its from a squad which was extremely poor to start with when he took over. What you have to ask yourself is this. We had a squad which was a top 12 League One team when Page left and as we know that squad was completely destroyed by Norman due to his enforced budget cut when we were getting close on 6,000 gates. Norman then appoint's an inexperienced manager in Ribiero on the basis that he was Jose Mourhino's mate. Ribiero then brings in a squad full of European lower league chancers, it goes horribly wrong and then Norman decides that the best course of action was to appoint another inexperienced manager in Brown and not support him in the January 17 transfer window. Yet again there is another budget cut due to being relegated and the squad needs to be rebuilt again. Norman also enforced a wage cap which promoted quantity over quality as the better players wanted more than the wage cap would allow. This lack of quality caused the bad start this season which saw Brown sacked. Aspin then comes in with the promise from Norman that he would be backed in the January 18 transfer window which also never happened. Gunning went as due to the wage cap we couldn't compete with Forest Green (Garlick confirmed this in a recent supporters meeting), Aspin tried to sign over 30 other players who also decided to go elsewhere (I assume due to the wage cap) and we were left with bringing in Non-League players to cover the players we lost. I reckon that Mourhino, Conte or Klopp couldnt have done any better with this squad than Aspin is doing. The blame lies firmly with one person - Norman Smurthwaite who had he decided to invest slightly in a team who were in the top 12 of the division above could have been looking get into the playoffs, or if he'd employed an experienced manager instead of the cheap option we may be in a different position, however, due to his destructive nature we now find ourselves a division below and fighting to stay in the league. All this has caused the the gates to decrease by roughly 2,000 (from 2 years ago) and has left the rest of the supporters who do still attend home games extremely disillusioned.
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