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  1. 5pts adrift, 3 games in hand. Doesn't look great at all.
  2. I just wanna see better than the **** im currently paying to see. Oh and i won't be paying £345 for a ST in league 2.
  3. Big Ex was absolutely terrible, as was Danny Glover But how could i forget Andreas Lipa.
  4. Priced at 13/2 we're no doubt the biggest odds for any of tonights games. Fair play to the people that make the trip!!
  5. Would of took a point before the game, still guttied obviously. But in smurf we trust ey?
  6. Adu tweeted about wanting competitive game time and Smurf offered it him. So what. We go again.
  7. Gillingham 0-5 Vale ... Start of the playoff push anyone?
  8. £3.50 for out of date beer aswell.
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