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  1. I’m not sure that Stoke should have to pay for the repairs but I would have thought that any club with an ounce of decency, that found themselves in a similar situation, would insist that they cover them. Well done to the proper Stoke fans that are suitably embarrassed and are voicing their apologies for the despicable actions of the mindless ******. Extremely telling that, as far as I can see, there has yet to be an official statement from the owners of S.C.F.C. condemning their behaviour. Your silence speaks volumes!
  2. I will be delighted if Sky Bet keeps my money. Sent from my iPhone using the onevalefan mobile app
  3. Sky Bet have us at 12/1 to get relegated. Incredibly, they have 7 other teams at shorter odds! Fill your boots! Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
  4. I will take any happiness and fond reminiscence right now. It's a long time since I've had a positive feeling whilst being a Vale fan! Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
  5. Would be amazing if it's true. Would feel amazing again to be a Vale fan, even if just until 3pm on Saturday. Happily take that the way it's been of late. *searches 'flat caps' on Amazon Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
  6. A Rudge-Aspin combo would bring so much positivity to the club. It would be a massive win-win. For the fans and for Smurf. I am not a fan of how the club has been run for a long time but maybe, just maybe, the penny is starting to drop? Not holding my breath mind! Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
  7. Happy New Year to one and all. UTV! x
  8. Very restless and twitchy sleep. Excited, nervous, feel a little bit sick....,,,,
  9. Got an (un) funny feeling that we are going to balls this one up. Hope I am wrong!
  10. All this professionalism from the new owners emphasises what a shower of *****e the last lot were. There's still a long way to go this season and nothing is won yet but it feels great again to be a Vale fan. Thank you PW and NS!
  11. Just seen a tweet from Mo saying that long time club servant Ray Williams is being quietly dispatched from his job. Anyone know any details?
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