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  1. Give over

    People who are trying to make excuses for Pope's crass behaviour are like crap parents who indulge their misbehaving kids. If he wasn't Popey he'd be getting sh!t from everyone on here for being banned over TWEETS fgs. How the owners deal with him could become a real hornets nest that could cause undesired aggro through no fault but Pope's stupidity.
  2. Explain what you are doing, avoid provoking confrontation, demonstrate steady progress, and the vast majority will be behind you. Even then some will never be happy. Owner style will likely  differ dependent upon their business background. We are in a better position than 12 months ago, that is steady enough progress for me. 
    Spot on totally agree
  3. Dunna be silly

    He is not going leave him out I said rest him as he as look jaded lately and because my lady said that v Man City she was watching him closely (her first game lol )and said all the other 10 were running around like crazy and he was static not my words my lovelies .
    Ha ha this site is so obsessed with us being tenth let’s see where we are in ten games as we just played all the weaker sides and struggled enormously .
    How many games we played are we averaging about a point a game or thereabouts ,I’m not as easily impressed as most on this site .
    UTV I said we need improve significantly or else and there is nothing I’ve seen since Taylor’s obmission to suggest we will reach 50 points but we will see 
  4. Was it hell a red card

    Let me clear it up. The ref bottled it. That challenge is a red card all day long. Leon should have gone for it, but  the ref let the play continue  instead of blowing hard and giving him a red. Then  he didn't know what to do  after it was kicked out for a throw-in. As soon as i saw it, I said "Red card , his leg is broken " . Just my opinion, but Leon was a very lucky boy. 
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  5. Pope easy to play against ??

    i’d say we still need a goalscorer, yesterday should’ve been a 3 points for us. had enough chances. we need a player that can get in behind and can hold the ball up and link with attacking midfielders etc. pope is a target man and is very easy to play up against. we need a different option. January we need a player that ca give us that extra push towards playoffs and score in clinical moments 
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