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  1. Brilliant post let's just steady the ship
  2. It could be a prototype possibly
  3. I was told today the end of July for the shirt's not sure
  4. We are never going to sign players on 7/8k a week we've got to be realistic I'm afraid.
  5. I didn't think they were replacing them
  6. Is that how much they paid for it good god
  7. The shannahans took over the club in may. Christ sake stop ****** moaning
  8. Accrington do one which allows a discount on walk up prices
  9. Have we ever done this kind of thing at the club ??
  10. Give it a ****** rest will ya god sake !!
  11. It's only what I was told a while back
  12. I'd heard he went bankrupt twice don't no how true it was
  13. Dream job what ?????
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