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  1. And yes, it's based on ground capacity. Nothing to do with actual attendance. At least that's the case in Wales.
  2. It's been here in Wales for a while and it's a bit of a nonsense to be honest. I rock up to the ground with my phone containing a photo of my Covid pass and a photo of my E ticket. First there's the Covid check. I show that photo to a hi-viz fellow who gorps at it from a distance without actually holding or touching my phone, so I would be amazed if he was paying anything more than lip service to what's displayed on it. (I'd go so far as to say he'd need superhuman vision to be able to read either name or expiry date). Then my e ticket gets scanned with a proper scanner. Then I'm in. (Once you've found the online link it only takes a couple of minutes to get the pass).
  3. Nick Townsend (Newport goalkeeper). He's a Midlands lad as well, and would be a perfect fit at Vale (not afraid to come off his line, nudge nudge).
  4. Aye Darren, ten years down here. I remember thinking Paul Robinson's tackle on Stewart Talbot, that put him out for a season, was "horrific". Whereas in that same game Andy Porter was probably making "robust" challenges similar to Bennett's (The Grimsby Telegraph described it as "hefty", victim Payne continued and played the full 90). Bennett deserved his red. I like Haynes. He may get forward more v Vale because RWB Shephard, who hit the bar v Vale earlier in the season, is suspended. I think Worrall is the key man for Vale. Two of Newport's defenders were until recently playing in the NLS, have played only a handful of league games between them. Worrall should cause them real problems, as he did against better defenders in the corresponding fixture.
  5. Newport's league position flatters them, for sure, but unlike previous seasons they're not really a horrible team. In fact they caught supporters on the hop at the start of the season with numerous displays of carpet football, but as the pitch has cut up so the old familiar route one habits have begun to creep back in. Defensively they're fairly sound; a bit shaky at wingback. Their issue is they barely score goals. The midfielders hardly score. Manager Flynn has recently loaned a new forward line (average height around 5 foot 7, so Legge won't be required). Vale have every chance of winning, provided they work hard, and do the basics right. But can they? As for Newport's red cards. Three of them were a case of tacklers coming off their feet, so were dumb rather than dirty. The 4th was Labadie being a cock, though he claims he made no contact). Wingback Shephard and midfielder Bennett are suspended. Labadie will play.
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