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  1. Leauge 1 ready first and foremost. Get this championship out the way miles off yet 🤪
  2. Some goal that third clever thinking.
  3. Yes beleave they are getting the turnstiles removed from the paddock once we exchange leagues as they be sufficient for there actual true fan base.
  4. Some disgruntled fan's down the road already by this news 🤣
  5. Can't have your cake and eat it as the saying goes😆
  6. We've not got long to wait and see how things go now.
  7. Forest Green and Exeter took 1 point of us Bristol rovers 3. Players will come in we need players that will make us better sometimes patience is a virtue.
  8. So right it's consolidation first and foremost this season anything above is a bounce.
  9. Would be nice see root and bairstow open the batting in the next test v south Africa.
  10. The man deserves nothing but praise. Came back to guide us to promotion after all he and is family have been through deserves nothing but credit and a gaffer to look upto and be proud to have leading us.
  11. Not really as if stone got injured that would leave us with one keeper so makes sense to add in that department not get rid.
  12. Conlon is way from match fit yet. We have the extra subs this season so a strong midfield bench may well be a good thing change games to suit the situations we will find ourselves in over the season
  13. Could be an ideal game to move them to the Bay area.
  14. Home draw should make for a good game.
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