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  1. Apologies if previously mentioned but Alan Nixon (the s*n) reporting that Fleetwood are in for Cole Stockton
  2. Didn’t Popey once tweet something about punching his head in after a goal celebration? 🤣
  3. Looking forward to this one - 3 points Saturday has set us up nicely, whilst a point away at Lincoln isn’t to be sniffed at. Sam Nombe looked sharp for these on Saturday, scored the goal and had one disallowed for offside. Seems he came off injured around 60 mins, so be interesting to see if it’s precautionary or he misses our game. Think he missed most of last season with an injury if I’m not mistaken so he’s got previous.
  4. I thought Charsley was fantastic today. Going through our squad you’d probably class him as the weakest of our CMs and most likely to be moved on. He certainly stepped up today for me. He was absolutely everywhere.
  5. What do I win? 😬 Tommy McDermott is 14/1 FGS @ skybet for anyone interested
  6. Stone Cass Smith(C) Hall Woz Benning Ojo Garrity Charsley McDermott Proc
  7. For what it’s worth, I’m thinking Garrity will start CM tomorrow - likely alongside Charsley (bare with me here) Walker is unlikely to be in the squad at all as still not fit. Pett & Conlon building match fitness and fit enough only for cameos from the bench. Leaves us with Ojo as the ‘sitter’ with Garrity and Charsley ahead of him. I also think Tommy McDermott, given our injuries, and his pre-season form gets a chance in the starting 11 - either alongside Proc or playing just off him.
  8. Alex Jones also fits into that category when with us - hope Harratt’s career goes significantly better than Jones’ did moving up that way.
  9. at the risk of going off topic (sorry @robf) I read an article recently about Bournemouth - the AFC doesn’t actually mean anything in their case, it was done solely to be first alphabetically and top at the start of a league season.
  10. Christ. The last 4 pages of this thread make the Wonder of Vale Facebook page look cheerful.
  11. Correct - and flip it to a glass half full kind of perspective; - It seems like we gave a good account of ourselves against decent opposition - they had some quality names playing such as Fletcher and Levitt. - A youngster scored the goal and has impressed in both friendlies so far. - Robinson is gaining match experience of our system, so that if he is required to step in during the season he is hands on familiar with our style. - Holden is practically risk free - prove his fitness and he may well get a contract, if he doesn’t, we move on without it costing us a contact/place in the squad. Totally agree that we are looking light for the start of the season, and the lack of activity is frustrating. However I think a bit of perspective is needed. Last time we were in league one, Sexman and his sweetie jar were publicly tweeting ex Liverpool winger Ryan Babel asking if he fancied a game for us.
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