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  1. I’ve just seen that everyone’s favourite official has retired
  2. The only benefit I can think of in the bycars for me is I can see my kids when they go get crisps from the kiosk
  3. Port Vale FC @OfficialPVFC · 6h Due to work taking place in the stadium we won't be opening it for a walk around to protect fans/keep everyone safe hope this helps 👍🏻
  4. I’ve got mine and my two daughters sorted. Started bringing them at the start of the season, not been for years as I played rugby on a sat afternoon, age and injuries took its toll then covid struck. Had season tickets throughout the JR era. What a fantastic season to introduce the kids to the vale, the new generation of fans. Youngest’s got three shirts and they’ll be having the new ones
  5. We could have kids in the bycars and a competition, who can catch McKirdy’s penalty. I’ll put my kids at the back of the stand for that one
  6. Have to agree, this seasons home shirt is smart. The all black away shirt for me is one of the best football shirts around
  7. How long has this been finished? Looks brilliant 👌🏻
  8. Exactly what I said, only thing is I’m taking Mrs and kids so it’s £160 on top of tickets. Can’t afford that at the mo so we’re driving down.
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