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  1. Popey kicked the ball away in frustration, he got booked for dissent. TP should know better. They were horrible mind, the time wasting was horrendous.
  2. 100% dive pal, it was a bit embarrassing. Overall a superb performance. They battered Mayor early and got him riled, effectively taking him out of the game & then we bossed them. Monty MOM for me. A massive shout out to Crookes too who was immense I love Aspo the player but his counterattack tactics stifled the team last year. The form of Legge & Joyce being the case in point- not playing a system which encourages pressure has transformed them. Askey is doing very good things, I like it a lot.
  3. I disagree. It’s a squad game and rotation is important (hasn’t Askey stated he wants his squad to feel they are close to the first team?). Man City don’t play David Silva every week and he’s as much a legend for his team as Pope is for Vale. For the first time in years we have options, not using them would be stupid, not cowardly, which is how you could interpret not making a “brave decision”.
  4. For me; Positives Wozza & Brown- their usual high standards Joyce and Conlon- fantastic, absolutely bossed the middle Crookes, Legge & Smith- absolutely bossed their attackers. Crookes in particular never forced their winger down the touch line when he was trying to cut in. Gibbons- tremendous cross for the first but more impressively, got caught in two minds and dropped a clanger but refused to let his head drop. An excellent performance from a very promising young player. Amoo- a constant menace. Bennett- a real handful. Negatives Passing- we give the ball away very cheaply, very often. Finishing- we keep missing sitters with alarming regularity Other business First off it wasn’t “brave” of Askey to drop Pope, it was sensible. It’s a long season and we have viable options; sticking with the same team every week is a Michael “the worst manager of all time” Brown move i know everyone keeps banging on about a “new era” (what can I say, marketing campaigns grate on me a bit after a while) but last night proved the shift. The crowd was roaring for the team and considering there was only two thirds as many in VP than there was vs Northampton, the atmosphere was still mega. I’m genuinely looking forward to next Saturday now, which isn’t a feeling I’ve had for a couple of years.
  5. I might be wrong but as he reckons he couldn’t take a controlling interest in a league club for 3 years, what does that say about his intentions for the immediate future of County? If memory serves, the Conference doesn’t accept teams in administration (Stockport got relegated again automatically to the National League) so that’s 2 years but he would have to have held them back another year; to clarify- non-league, on purpose. Terrifying & a grand old club like Notts does not deserve that.
  6. I’d guess the Majestic in Macclesfield to see Ghostbusters
  7. Ian Taylor captured on a 1 year deal from Moor Green. I am livid that I am a tedious dullard that just whinges about new signings. Askey out! Absolutely mega
  8. I was a bit ticked off with it all and despite the takeover still wasn’t going to bother. The club had become so toxic I was done with as I thought there was no coming back from it. I was wrong & I renewed mine & my dad’s today- I reckon the new owners deserve all the backing they can get.
  9. I doubt he will. There’s going to be a fire in Liverpool’s belly. Hopefully both teams go for it, no one wants a cagey affair.
  10. Your words not mine but if the cap fits...
  11. Cutting. I’d stick to your usual anti-immigration ramblings if I were you.
  12. I see the usual OVF right wing scummers are at it as usual, standard
  13. I dint think they’re daft at all, just enjoying the last game of the season. So I guess “1”.
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