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  1. You’ve done it! Congrats on promotion. Thoroughly deserved, Mansfield didn’t get a sniff. Made up for DC
  2. Understandable mate. I have never and will never sing his name. But boy what a group of players. F*ck me!!
  3. I echo this. Pisstaking aside I would love Vale to come up with us over any of the others. Please turn over Swindon and that insufferable McKirdy!! All the best!!
  4. Can’t see you winning the playoffs on this form 😉
  5. Cry more. I’d be absolutely seething if we played like that after going 2-1 down. The game was yours until that goal against the run of play and your players seemed like they gave up. That’s the difference between our sides. So much more character in ours. 3-1 down and didn’t give up.
  6. That is an impressive bottlejob from you lot
  7. SHOCKING: Team that trailed 2-0 and 3-1 scores twice and injury time to win 4-3 securing playoffs and keeping autos alive, and the fans celebrate😱😱😱
  8. Booked for not leaving at the nearest point. I’m not here to debate whether walking slowly when subbed should be a yellow. Every player does it. I’m here because I’m tired of every side calling us dirty when we are the most fouled team in the division and you had more than double our fouls on Monday. Total nonsense.
  9. You’d have had no players left in the reverse fixture if referees actually booked players for that.
  10. Because many have complained about him ignoring the refs instruction to go off at the nearest exit and that he should’ve been sent off for that.
  11. What are you getting at here? Your own manager said you were fortunate. Bore off you bunch of sore losers. Played you off your own park and didn’t need two dodgy red cards to do it .
  12. Of course it was time wasting. But that’s why he didn’t go off at the nearest exit. Whelan is the captain when Coutts goes off.
  13. Have a hard time reading do you? I said understandably. I will never sing the blokes name but I will still support my clubs players. Referees however cannot show bias based on such things. <ovf censored> needs to be called out as such. 16 fouls and yet we’re dirty?? Your players were in the refs face begging for cards in the reverse fixture. Justice was served on Monday.
  14. 16 fouls to 7 on Monday. Rovers are the most fouled team in the division, yet we’re the dirty ones??🤣🤣 Half of our reds have been a joke. Clearly an anti-Barton agenda amongst refs (understandably) And as for you lot crying about Paul Coutts walking off on Monday, he is the captain and had to pass the armband over to Glen Wheelan. The better team won. Still hope you come up with us though for DC.
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