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  1. Congratulations Vale, delighted for you. Emotional interview from your manager, really pleased for him and his family too. See you in League 1!
  2. Good luck today Valiants! I’ll be watching on the TV, hoping our manager is summariser again. Surprised you’re only taking 16,000 but it’ll still be an amazing experience and probably a better atmosphere than if you took double that, with all the tourists. The kids game before the match involves a team from Stoke Hill in Exeter so hopefully you will give them a cheer as they’ve got Stoke in their name. Good luck!
  3. We’ve had similar issues the 362 times we’ve been to the new Wembley in recent years, although we had allocated ‘singing blocks’ which I’m not sure you’ve had? We asked Wembley to release certain blocks behind the goal for those fans who would definitely sing, not be bothered about people standing up, etc which worked very well. And the answer to the person who was surprised at the low attendance between us and Blackpool a few years back is that it was during the Blackpool fans’ protest against their former owners so they had very few fans there. We took 33,000 against morecambe (our first ever trip to Wembley in our history), then 22,000 the following year against Cambridge, about 18,000 against Blackpool and then about 14,000 against Coventry. Wembley gets boring obviously.
  4. Congratulations Vale, good luck for the final. There will be fines and bans dished out though for those scenes after the game, Swindon players clearly being attacked by Vale fans.
  5. Let’s get this thread back on track and talk about Exeter City 😉 Anyway, GOOD LUCK against Swindon tomorrow. You can see how much I mean it because I put it in capitals, doesn’t get much more heartfelt than that. Hopefully see you in League 1 next season, when we can both batter Rovers 🤞
  6. Pierce Sweeney, number 26, he’s an Irish lad, not sure how he knows DC but he seemed to. Other than a handful of games for Bray in Ireland, he’s only ever played for us so he can’t have played for DC before.
  7. This was a classy gesture by Vale, very much appreciated by our fans. Apparently we also left a congratulations card and a crate of beer in your dressing room after the game too, so there was a Vale / Exeter love-in yesterday 💕 Good luck in the play offs, I’ll be watching with interest 🤞
  8. Yeah, maybe “we battered you” was a bit over the top, we only really tested your keeper once (great save by the way) but we had 61% possession, 17 shots vs 6 and 12 corners vs 2, so we were on top in all the stats except the one that counts. I enjoyed seeing you guys come onto the pitch, just glad it didn’t turn nasty. Seems like our stewards and the police were sensible about the whole thing, as were the fans. As gutted as I am to have missed out on the title when a draw would have done it, imagine being a fan of Northampton or Plymouth 🤣
  9. Well done Vale, we battered you but didn’t really open you up much and you defended well. Great finish by the big lad up top. Good support too, couldn’t hear you much because of the acoustics but heard you loud a few times and could see you clapping even when we couldn’t hear you. Gutted we didn’t get the championship but it seems FGR deserved it in the end. Shame we couldn’t have got a draw off you to clinch it, but there you go, it’s still a brilliant season for us. Good luck in the play offs, hope you join us in league 1. Class for your players to give us a guard of honour when we returned to the pitch. Nice to see the mutual pitch invasion end well with shared support, clapping each other, etc and no bother, the way it should be. All the best 👍
  10. Nah, not having that, last few weeks they’ve been utter <ovf censored> whereas we’ve been consistent throughout. Whoever finishes top will be the best team over the course of the season. Obvious but true. But yeah, we’ll be partying whatever happens 👍
  11. If you’re just looking for a quiet place to park, walk to the ground, walk back and go home then look around Stoke Hill - ten minute walk to the ground (you’ll be surrounded by Exeter fans though). The Stoke Arms at the top of the hill is an OK pub, the roads are resident permit only but that doesn’t apply on Saturdays so you’ll be fine. Walk down Old Tiverton Road to the ground, you’ll need to go past the first entrance where the Exeter fans will go, then turn right into St James Road where the away end is. If you’re the designated driver in a group of lads looking to get wasted and act the <ovf censored> then you need to park in the city centre, but avoid the Duke of York on Sidwell Street. It’s a capacity crowd so there will no doubt be some Exeter nobheads bouncing around somewhere if any of your lot want to get aggressive, but I imagine you’ll have to start the aggro as we’ll all be dancing to Russ Abbot’s Atmosphere the whole weekend. Hopefully we get the championship and you get the playoffs and we can all be friends at the end. Safe travels to those of you venturing down to our beautiful city. Really hope to see you all in League 1 next season 👍
  12. Is that a crowd of 2,500 then, with loads of empty seats? 😉
  13. Danny Bailey, I was in the away end that night, what a strike and what a bundle. Still haven’t forgiven you for beating us over the two legs and stopping us from getting to Wembley (we were one of the 8 clubs who never went to the old Wembley).
  14. Quality Exeter striker from the 70s, cloughie signed him for Brighton and he knew a good player, his strike rate was fantastic. He had a funny head though I thought: bowl haircut, big moustache, smiley face.
  15. I'm really sorry you guys have messed up the autos (I know there's still a chance, but I can't see you bettering Bristol Rovers' result) as I like Vale and wanted you to come up automatically with us so that next Saturday would be a party in all 4 sides of the ground. I'm now in the position that, although I now want you to come up through the play offs, I obviously want us to win on Saturday as that will confirm us as champions. But that might keep you down if Sutton can win at Harrogate and Swindon get a point at Walsall. What a crap situation for you guys after such a good season, I can understand the frustration on this forum. Reasons to be cheerful: Walsall are quite good at beating teams at the Bescot that need to get a result to go up (too soon?) Harrogate just battered FGR away from home, they could easily get a point or three against Sutton Sutton just got totally battered at home by nothing-to-play-for Bradford Newport lost a load of games on the spin, fans furious, manager disappointed and then played brilliantly at your place - why can't you do the same at Exeter? Newport physically dominated you all over the park and the referee was extremely lenient - we don't play like them, we're more likely to play football and you might exploit the space we leave as we attack I know we were pragmatic against you at VP and ground out a result a few weeks back, but we had key players out injured, a young lad making his debut in midfield, a key defender fell ill on the day, etc so we had to battle for a point - on Saturday we'll be going for it Saying that, I hope we beat you because we're then champions. Hopefully Sutton get whacked at Harrogate and you can relax and focus on the playoffs. You're all angry now but once the season ends and you're in the playoffs, the passion will come back very quickly. Good luck lads and lasses, apart from Saturday of course.
  16. Please believe me, as delighted as we all are to seal promotion against Barrow tonight, we’ll be desperate to beat Northampton on Saturday to try and win the league. We always struggle there but we’ll be doing our best to win, no one will be on the beach or on the piss.
  17. Rochdale looked a really good side for the first 20 minutes on Saturday and if they’d scored first it would have been a very different game and maybe a different result. They play good possession football and look lively up front too, if they score first against Rovers I fancy them to win. They came to Exeter on Saturday with nothing to play for, away from home at the 2nd placed side who had only lost twice at home all season, and they had 58% possession. That’s a good side. Keep the faith, Vale.
  18. If we beat Barrow, we’ll want to be Champions. We’ve only ever been champions of a division once in our history, our players will want to do it this year. We’ll definitely be trying against Northampton.
  19. I’m really hoping we beat Barrow on Tuesday to guarantee promotion, but then also win at Northampton on Saturday to give you a chance of grabbing third spot. I’ve said before on here that I’d love Vale to go up, as long as we do too. Don’t want to be the merchant of doom though, but our record at Northampton is shocking. Whenever we’ve played there it’s been windy and we’ve been battered by a stronger team, like we were at Tranmere on Monday. Fingers crossed we do the business for you.
  20. The Stevenage game also has the Steve Evans factor, he will be desperate not to lose there. Vale to finish 3rd, top 3 to stay as it is.
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