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  1. Hi All, Finally made it back to Leicester, trains were a bit of a pain. We have thoroughly enjoyed the day, we had kept tabs on your results recently and seen you had hit a bit of form... it showed today, other than one off the post you guys outplayed Sutton and the second goal a cracker. The stadium for me was a throwback to the good old Filbert Street days - I loved it, we were suprised by the atmosphere you guys create - would've have given a couple of the soulless bowls in the PL a run for their money today!! I had to laugh when the lad looked surprised to see a person at the turnstiles instead of a machine... just a small hint that the young generation have missed out 😆. We tried out 3 local pubs all with great atmosphere with both home and a few away fans, the fan zone, got a scarf from the club shop and yes managed to get oatcakes 👌👌 bacon and cheese for me!! The lad is buzzing just knowing he played a small part in contributing to your club, Thank you @Jacko51for including us in your article. Thank you all on here for your help, we wish you luck for the rest of the season and we'll keep eye on your results. Never stop believing!! We have decided to continue this venture by visiting the opponents of the teams each time, so we are off to Sutton next. We'll always remember where we started though.
  2. Steve Guppy what a left foot! Criminal that he didn't get more chances with England, if I remember rightly there was a shortage of English left footers at that time too. We are from Countesthorpe. Harvey Barnes grew up just around the corner. Don't get me started on the clappers, they had their use the season we were fighting relegation, but now my matchday ritual involves taking it off my seat and putting it straight on the floor. 😆 Hope you enjoyed your visit, if anyone does plan to visit let me know. The stadium will be far more unique when the new east stand is built. I will do. Tickets arrived yesterday and we're looking forward to it.
  3. Thank you all for the replies. We have bought tickets in the Railway Stand. Looking forward to trying this 🤤 I have checked history and see no reason for any hostility 🤞😆 happy to share we are Leicester City fans.
  4. Hi Vale fans, Hope you don't mind me posting, I am looking for some advice for when we visit later this month. Firstly a bit of background on why we are visiting, my teenage son and I are season ticket holders at a PL club, and back when the PL were arguing over how much money they were willing to send down to support football league clubs during the pandemic, my son made the suggestion that we could make our own contribution to clubs by visiting FL grounds as a neutral whenever we weren't at our club. We know that buying a ticket, programme, and food etc is only a small contribution in the grand scheme of things but I admire his attitude towards the situation, and the chance show him new grounds and watch some "proper" football is something I am definitely looking forward to. Anyway, this weekend we've decided that Port Vale vs Sutton will be our first game, we definitely don't just want to turn up and leave on these visits, we want to soak up the traditional home fan atmosphere of every place we visit, so I am asking the fans if you could please share the best places for pre/post game drinks, food and anything else that we could see/do that helps us get involved with the home fan atmosphere. Thanks in advance and we look forward to visiting on the 26th.
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