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  1. Congratulations on promotion. What a way to get promoted.Daryl and your fans deserve it. get royally drunk this weekend See you next season. UTG
  2. Get in. Good luck. UTG. might even go to Wembley myself. superb.
  3. Hi. I wish you and DC luck but you never took our gaffer off us. we sacked him then he went elsewhere before you. today you did bottle it but I’m sure you will beat Swindon at home to go through.
  4. Rovers fan come in peace. I really hope you win the play offs. DC is one of the best managers around (we love him) and I’ve enjoyed many games against Vale. Top fans and club. Northampton will be on their arse and Swindon’s manager is clueless. you turned over Exeter so momentum is with you good luck see you next season
  5. RaceYour mob tried every trick to sway a poor ref. If you concentrated on playing football instead of cheap tricks you may have got a draw. you were the same as a lot of sides in this division, long ball. we played you off the park.
  6. Sincere condolences from Bristol Rovers fans. DC is a legend and we all send him and his family our love.
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