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  1. Understandable. Do you know if the council is responsible for it or is it Vale's to look after?
  2. In David Flitcroft's interview with The Sentinel last week, he mentions training facilities. The article states: "The club is building new training and changing facilities in the far corner of the Lorne Street Stand, overlooking the training ground." Is anybody aware if any progress has been made on this or if there is a time scale? I'm assuming that it certainly won't be ready for pre-season. One thing I have noticed however is that some groundwork was being done on the pathway behind Bycars which also leads from the Lorne Street car park to the training pitches. It has also been confirmed that a new under-pitch sprinkler system has been setup on the pitches, as a lot of people pointed out following his interview. David Flitcroft talks Port Vale recruitment, contract talks, promotion and plans for League One - Stoke-on-Trent Live WWW.STOKESENTINEL.CO.UK
  3. Fantastic kit. Looks really good. Surely now this means the club will drop the price on last season’s white and gold kit? At the moment they’re still charging full price.
  4. Josh Green (who many of you may know from Twitter as he makes videos and artistic images about Vale on a regular basis) has put together a video consisting of highlights from many of our games this season with a special touch at the end too for our gaffer, Darrell Clarke, and his family. He has uploaded it to YouTube for people who want to relive what has been an unbelievable season. Link below:
  5. Don’t worry mate, more will be made available soon they’re releasing them in batches. It’s frustrating but eventually anyone who wants a ticket will get one
  6. Club coaches still available I believe if you fancy
  7. This is turning out to be a bloody expensive trip... £80 for 3 tickets alone. Haven't even sorted transport yet. Lad who's 17 would he able to get away with an under 16 ticket ticket? Do they have any checks in place? Trying to do this as cheap as possible.
  8. Why is the corner left of the lower tier 'unavailable'? Surely that hasn't sold out already?
  9. Not trying to excuse violence but Harry McKirdy winds up opposition fans on a weekly basis. He made a post on Instagram before the first leg referring to Vale as 'pigs' and then proceeded to celebrate right in front of our supporters. This is one of many cases this season and it does spark a reaction from people. I'm not saying it's right. Every club has a bad bunch and Swindon Town is no exception. They ripped up seats in the Bycars and threw flares and bottles onto the pitch at the end but I know that the majority of the supporters in the away end just wanted to cheer on their team and enjoy a play-off semi final second leg. The actions of a few thugs and so called 'fans' will have unfortunately damaged our club's reputation last night. Real Vale fans are affected as a result. Multiple flares were set of after Wilson's goal in the Railway last night and one was thrown and landed in the middle row. One older gentlemen nearly had an asthma attack before it was eventually removed by fellow supporters. It was a minority of people who decided to try and attack Swindon players and supporters. It has happened far too often in English football recently and not just this week. The Euro final last year springs to mind. There was nearly 10,000 Vale fans and the majority behaved and just wanted to celebrate reaching the new Wembley for the first time in our history. It was a fantastic occasion and the best night we've had at Vale Park in well over a decade. UTV
  10. Obviously it would be incredibly painful to lose the final at Wembley but it's out of our control. The boys have just got to play their stuff, hopefully beat Swindon on Thursday night then onto the final at Wembley. Having said that, regardless of the result, it would be fantastic for Vale to get to the new Wembley with it being our first appearance there should we make it.
  11. 8000 home tickets sold so far with 3000 of them being in the Hamil Road End. Bring it on. UTV
  12. Is this a wind up post? We sold 1700 in one day despite there being no online sales or telephone sales (all to ST holders) for a game that’s on Sky with a 5 hour round trip on a Sunday when many will have work the next day. We will probably sell our entire allocation now that it’s on general sale. UTV
  13. How many tickets left for the away game? Anybody got an idea?
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